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15 Tips to Beat Keto Weight-loss Stall

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About Raj The Keto Coach


Hi, my name is Raj “The KETO COACH” and the author of the popular Personalized 21 Day Keto Diet Plan from The ketogenic lifestyle changed my life 7+ years ago, going from 240lbs and a 44” waist to a healthier 175lbs and 31” waist (read my story here), and since then, I have helped over 4000 people to adapt to a ketogenic lifestyle to defeat their health challenges they were facing. Some of  challenges I have helped with:

Raj The Keto Coach of
  • Losing bodyfat and becoming healthier
  • Improving sleep (and the quality of their sleep)
  • Increasing mental focus and alertness
  • Better energy and sustained daily energy (no 3pm crash)
  • Controlling cravings, ultimately creating an appetite control
  • Helping adapt a ketogenic diet into their specific lifestyle

While coaching so many people, I have gained so much insight and knowledge to guide you today – this is what I am about to share with you in this eBook. I created this eBook to help you beat your keto stall or to help perfect your current keto diet.


My whole approach to success with a keto diet is based on simplicity – this ensures your best chance of success! This should be something you enjoy – it’s a lifestyle, not a diet.


This free ebook/guide has no fluff, just the facts and what to do! Again, keeping it simple and direct and getting you the exact information you need to succeed.


Hope you find value in it.


Raj - The Keto Coach.


I want to clarify I am not a medical professional – this info is based on my personal experience, and experiences gained with working with my clients.


*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results depend on a individual basis.

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