Keto GO – Keto Energy Drink

Keto GO – World’s First HEALTHY Ketone Based Energy Drink

My Keto Coach Exclusive Sneak Peak. 

I was at the Pruvit headquarters for a few days in December of 2018, and I got some sneak peaks of the new KETO GO drinks coming out. Shhhhhh.. 

This is a ON-THE-GO KETONE BASED ENERGY DRINK (that also supports insane focus and fierce fat loss).

Keto GO - Ketone Energy Drink

Finally an healthy, powerful alternative to those energy drinks out there – that are just full of caffeine and chemicals. The new KETO GO is sure to impress and is something the market needed for a long time. I tasted THE BIG APPLE and wow it was good! 

I will keep you up to date when this product will be available to purchase. It will be available in 3 flavors to launch with:


Below are some early sneak peak pictures I took of the cans (still not finalized)

Keto GO - Ketone Energy Drink

I will update as more KETO GO product information is released. Stay tuned my keto peeps – it’s going to change the game!

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