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Last updated: October 24, 2017 at 23:51 pm

Power Creamer Review - Ingredients and Where to BuyI am so glad I had a chance to review & try the all new “Omega PowerCreamer” from the team at Omega Health Products!

Some people found the other product I recently reviewed Keto Kreme a little sweet for them (I love it) – so I was on the hunt for another alternative for my keto dieters out there looking for an easier, faster way to make butter coffee!

Voila! Here it is. The PowerCreamer makes it super simple in making a Butter Coffee (also known as BulletProof Coffee).  You simply pour, stir and enjoy! Made with Grassfed Ghee, Organic Coconut Oil, and MCT Oil from 100% coconuts, the PowerCreamer takes the hassle out of making BPC. It comes in liquid form and doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and is shelf-stable in a cool environment. An easy way to enjoy a healthier, more powerful cup of coffee! More importantly for me, and my fellow keto dieters, this product is an essential part in making your keto diet that much easier. As well I did my own KETO HACK with this product – see below!

How Did It Taste & Mix?

When I first tried this I honestly didn’t think it was going to taste as good as it did (I have been drinking bulletproof coffee for years and didnt think a “bottle” solution can replace it) – but WOW did it. It has a hint of coconut, but is really a smooth buttery taste (when eaten raw – I had to try it). Now when adding to your coffee, all that is needed is a vigorous stir, or hand held milk frother is best to whip it to a creamy coffee. It does come in 3 great flavors Regular, Vanilla and Cacao.

Keto Coach Hack! Get MORE Use from the PowerCreamer.

So what I have been doing in addition to adding it to my coffee, is using The PowerCreamer in my Eggs and using it in most of my keto cooking. It tastes so amazing, and cooking with it is totally do-able. This is a great solution as well for those that don’t have access to grass fed butter/ghee in their local area! Watch the video for more details.

PowerCreamer Flavors - Original, Vanilla, Cacao

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PowerCreamer – Original
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Ingredients in The PowerCreamer.

Powercreamer nutritional label
No filler – all natural ingredients which I love. Honestly when you taste this product you will notice it yourself.

  • Grass-fed Ghee
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • MCT Oil (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) sourced from 100% Coconuts
  • Sunflower Lecithin

Refrigeration Not Necessary. As well the PowerCreamer is: Lactose-free, Casein-free, Gluten-free & Carb-free 


Some Common Questions I Get About The PowerCreamer.

What ingredients are in the PowerCreamer? Is it Natural? Powercreamer only uses all-natural ingredients! Like Grass Fed Clarified Butter (Ghee), Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) Oil, and Sunflower Lecithin.

Can this replace my expensive Bulletproof Coffee? Yes it can! (that’s what I did),  this is a great replacement for the “HEALTHY FAT” part of a BulletProof Coffee. (Omega Health Products do not sell the Bulletproof coffee beans and are in no way associated with the Bulletproof brand.)

What if I am fasting with my keto diet or low carb diet) – Will it still work? It’s amazing for fasting support! I use daily to help curb cravings and extend my fast. Fun fact, MCT Oil helps put your body in deeper ketosis, so you are burning more fat for energy.

What is the recommended amount of  PowerCreamer I should use per day?  The recommended serving size is 1 tablespoon per 6 ounces of coffee. I personally use anywhere from 2-4 tablespoons of PowerCreamer  per day, because as I also use it for cooking and on top of hot food! You have to try that – it’s amazing!

Do I need to keep this in the refrigerator? No. The PowerCreamer is shelf-stable. I did put it in the fridge, and it got hard (duh! obviously it’s butter!) but then took it out and was fine again.

How long is it good for after opening? It’s best to use within 2 months of opening it.

Is this available and ship Internationally? Sadly its not (yet). Right now it only ships within the USA. 

The New Way! To boost your energy levels and focus! Power up your coffee with Omega PowerCreamer Today.
Get the healthy fats to fuel your body for energy and allowing for an easier keto lifestyle.

PowerCreamer Flavors - Original, Vanilla, Cacao

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PowerCreamer – Original
PowerCreamer – Vanilla
PowerCreamer – Cacao

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