Pruvit Keto OS – Orange Dream

Pruvit Keto OS – Orange Dream

Pruvit Keto OS - Orange Dream


Prüvit Keto OS®.  The #1 Exogenous Ketone Available Today.

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Price: $160 USD | Canada $165 USD


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Pruvit KETO OS assists in boosting your ketone levels – getting you into ketosis fast!

Pruvit KETO OS exogenous ketones make it simple and easy for you to enter a state of ketosis and stay there. Pruvit KETO OS is the ONLY proprietary high-quality beta hydroxy-butyrate (BHB) formula on the market. It has been extensively lab tested for purity, quality, and efficacy. For some it can be difficult to keep to a strict ketogenic diet (low carb) or even get into ketosis when you are following a strict plan. Adding Pruvit Keto OS exogenous ketones to your diet can make all the difference for your fat loss, overall health, and focus.

Pruvit Keto OS - Ketones - Orange Dream

Unlike other exogenous ketones on the market, Pruvit Keto OS is the ONLY one using a R-Type BHB (Ketone) which is the closest match to the human bodies naturally produced ketone – making it the highest absorbed into the body.

The benefits of ketosis after using Pruvit Keto OS:

  • Fat Loss
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Fast & Sustained Energy
  • Muscle Preservation
  • Reduced Brain Fog
  • Increased Focus
  • Strength Gain
  • Better Mood, Sleep & Digestion


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Customer Service for Pruvit:
Pruvit Headquarters: 10605 Meeting St. Prospect, Kentucky 40059 USA
Payment methods: Visa,  Mastercard, Discover, American Express

Pruvit Products Return Policy

If within the first 30 days you are not satisfied with the product you may contact to return the unused portion of the product for a full refund of the product purchase amount, minus shipping and handling charges incurred. After 30 days and up to 90 days post purchase, you may contact to return the remaining sellable portion of the product for a full refund, minus shipping and handling charges incurred.

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