Achieve Long Lasting Fat Loss & Health, with a Keto Diet Coach who has helped over 4000+ people around the world.

My expertise with the Ketogenic Diet is based off my personal experiences as well as of my clients. I want to state, that I am not a medical doctor – But what I am is a Real Person, with Real Results who has helped and educated many people about the physical and health benefits of living a ketogenic lifestyle. 

My Story…

I have been on my ketogenic diet for many years now (7 years, its a lifestyle – not a diet) and after my own personal results from trial and error I went from 240lbs to 175lbs* – and it changed my life. At this point in time, I had a few people asking me “how I did it?” so I decided to try this out on a few people who I knew personally who have been challenged with fat loss, and getting healthy in the past. The results from my personalized low carb, high fat ketogenic diet for this select group was so successful, that their friends and family have asked me to help them.  Ok so then I realized I am onto something here. This turned out from a personal mission, now to looking to help others seeking guidance to improve their health, increase their Keto Coach Rajenergy, lower their bodyfat and preserve muscle. I can help you too.

I continue sharing keto recipes, keto tips and educating the benefits of ketosis and the keto diet to people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds etc. Anybody can do this – you just need to start off on the right plan and be motivated for a change.  Now it’s your turn – so what you waiting for?

*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results depend on a individual basis.





NEW! Featured in The Toronto Star on Dec 5th, 2016 – Raj “Keto Coach” Patel  Helping His Clients with the Ketogenic Diet & Lifestyle.

Raj Patel - Toronto Star News Cover Story - Ketogenic Diet

“Raj Patel, 40, has limited his carbs to 30 grams daily for six years. He’s now a self-taught keto coach who helps design meal plans for his clients, many of whom want to lose weight or get healthier overall. Patel was 35 when he first read about keto on a bodybuilding website. He was pumping iron but getting nowhere and weighed more than he wanted to. After adopting a keto diet, he dropped from 240 to 175 pounds in two years…”

Kim Kardashian is a de facto follower of the keto diet. She’s a celebrity spokesmodel for the Atkins Diet and credited her post-baby weight loss to that regimen, which helped launch the low-carb craze of two decades ago.”

Some elite athletes, such as NBA stars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, Tour de France winner Chris Froome and the Australian cricket team have attributed high-profile weight loss to very low-carb diets.”

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