Pruvit Compensation Plan 2024 PDF

2024 Pruvit Compensation Plan Explained

Welcome to the exciting world of being a Pruvit promoter!

Here, we believe that everyone should be rewarded for sharing great stories and products with others. That’s why we created the Pruvit Compensation Plan.

A compensation plan like no other, made to generously reward your efforts in spreading the word about our transformative ketones products and business.

About the Pruvit Compensation Plan

Think of it like this: when you talk to your friends and family about our Pruvit products and they get excited too, that’s a big deal for us. And we think it should be a big deal for you, too! 

So, we’ve made a compensation plan that helps you earn money and rewards for just doing that.

We know that not everyone is a big business expert, and that’s okay! Our plan is made for anyone who wants to earn a full-time income, even if they’re just starting out. We want to help you succeed faster than you could with any other company. Plus, we have lots of cool tools and challenges to help you get your new business going strong.

Joining Prüvit means you’re part of a team that values your effort and wants to see you do well. We’re all about helping each other and celebrating our successes. So, come be a part of our community where you can make a difference and earn rewards at the same time. Let’s start this fun journey together!

Pruvit Promoter Car Bonus Earners

When you acheive RANK 6 CHAMPION & higher – you are eligible to have a Pruvit car paid for! Contact me for more information.

Pruvit Compensation Plan 2024

See ALL the ways to earn, bonuses, ranks etc. with Pruvit. Request a PDF copy of our updated compensation plan.

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Pruvit Compensation Plan 2024 PDF

Breakdown of the Pruvit Compensation Plan

  • Ways to Get Paid
  • Ranks and Qualifications
  • Placement Lounge
  • The GO Challenge
  • Go MVP Bonus
  • MVP Multiplier Bonus
  • Go All-Star Bonus
  • Go Fast Bonus
  • VIP Bonus
  • Retailer Bonus
  • Champion Car Bonus
  • Residual Commission
  • Champion Bonus
  • Residual Match

Compensation Plan Glossary

The Pruvit Compensation Plan is designed to reward your hard work and dedication. Let’s break down the different parts of this plan to make it easier to understand.

Customers: Anyone can join Prüvit as a customer by buying a product. Remember, only one customer account is allowed per household.

SmartShip Customers: Customers who set up recurring orders become SmartShip Customers. This status gives you extra perks, which you can find in the VIP Club details.

Pruvit Promoters: If you’re interested in earning rewards by referring customers and other Promoters, you can become a Pruvit Promoter. This requires an annual membership fee of $49 USD ($67 CAD). As a Promoter, you get access to the Prüvit Promoter Cloud. This tool helps you track your progress in the Pruvit Compensation Rewards Plan and gives you useful business tools.

Qualifying to Earn: To earn rewards, a Promoter needs to get at least 50PQV* during the current Qualifying Cycle and stay Engaged:

  • A Promoter is Engaged if they’ve hit the minimum PQV in the current month.
  • A Promoter is Not Engaged if they haven’t met this goal in the past 31 days.

*Note: No more than 40% of your PQV can come from your own orders, including your first order, one-time, and SmartShip orders Some bonuses have extra requirements that you need to meet to earn them.

Pay Periods: Bonuses are calculated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on the bonus type. Payments are based on your rank/position at the end of the qualifying period.

  • A pay “week” starts at 12:00am Monday and ends at 11:59pm Sunday, based on Prüvit Rewards Time Zone (RTZ). Weekly commissions are paid the following Friday.
  • A pay “month” follows the calendar month. Monthly commissions are paid on the 15th of the next month.


  • Sponsorship Tree: This is your downline based on your personally enrolled Promoters, placed only on the first level.
  • Placement Tree: This includes your entire downline, even those sponsored by an Upline Promoter.


  • BV (Bonus Value): Points assigned to products for calculating commissions.
  • QV (Qualification Value): Points assigned to products for determining rank.
  • PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume): Your total QV from personal purchases and sales to customers. PQV is key for personal income qualifications.
  • PTV (Personal Team Volume): Your first level’s total QV, including volume from your enrolled Customers and Promoters, but not their customers’ volume.
  • NPQV (New Personal Qualifying Volume): QV from new enrollees’ one-time orders in their first 30 days and their first SmartShip order.
  • GV (Group Volume): Total QV in your Placement Tree during a qualification period.
  • GBV (Group Bonus Volume): Total BV in your Placement Tree during a qualification period.
  • TV (Team Volume): Total QV in the first three levels of your Sponsorship Tree, including QV from your personally enrolled Customers.

Pruvit Ranks

  • Achieved Rank: The highest rank you’ve ever reached. This is your permanent title as long as you’re engaged.
  • Paid Rank: The rank you qualified for in a specific week or month, which determines your pay. This is confirmed on the 15th of the following month.
  • Current Rank: Your rank during the pay period, which can change by the end of the period.
  • Ranking system is from 1-Legend.
Pruvit Ranking Explained
Pruvit Compensation Plan Rank 6 Champion above Explained

Have questions about the compensation plan? Contact me (Raj) 👇

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Understanding these components will help you navigate and succeed in the Prüvit Compensation Plan.
Let’s get started on your journey to success!

Get the Full Pruvit Compensation Plan PDF!

See ALL the ways to earn, bonuses, ranks etc. with Pruvit. Request a PDF copy of our updated compensation plan.

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Pruvit Compensation Plan 2024 PDF

Prüvit does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Prüvit Promoter Opportunity. Each Promoters income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See Pruvit Income Disclosure Statement: