The ULTIMATE Net Carb Food List

Here you will find a lengthy, searchable list of hundreds of foods, with its NET CARB value.

This will help you in knowing the net carb values. Use this when totaling your carb allocation for the day.

Source: I do not own this list. The original source is here. All credits go to the owner of this list, as it’s an amazing amount of data which I feel my visitors would benefit from reading. CLICK HERE TO PRINT EXCEL FILE VERSION


Serving SizeGrams of Net carbs


All seafood, red meat, white meat and organ meats are acceptable, but beware of:

• The carb content of some shellfish and seafood.
• Foods bulked out with rusk (flour) like sausage, “chicken shapes”, hot dogs and economy burgers
• Anything coated in breadcrumbs or batter
• Meats that come covered in sugary glazes or pre-packaged with starchy sauces
• Meats cured with sugar/honey


Serving SizeGrams of Net carbs
Raw Shrimp1/4 lb5
Squid1/4 lb9
Imitation Crab1 oz4.6


Serving SizeGrams of Net carbs
Alfalfa sprouts½ cup0.2
Artichoke hearts, marinated4 pieces2
Artichoke hearts, canned1 heart1
Arugula1 cup0.4
Avocado, Haas½ fruit1.8
Beans: green, snap, string, wax½ cup, raw2.1
Bok choy (pak choi)1 cup, raw0.4
Boston/Bibb lettuce1 cup, raw0.8
Broccoli florets½ cup0.8
Cabbage, green, red, savoy½ cup, shredded1.1
Cauliflower florets½ cup1.4
Celery1 stalk0.8
Celery root (celeriac)½ cup, grated3.5
Chicory greens½ cup0.1
Chinese cabbage½ cup, shredded0
Chives1 tablespoon0.1
Cucumber½ cup, sliced1
Daikon radish½ cup1
Endive½ cup0.4
Escarole½ cup0.1
Fennel½ cup1.8
Greens, mixed1 cup0.4
Iceberg lettuce1 cup0.2
Jicama½ cup2.5
Loose-leaf lettuce1 cup1
Mesclun1 cup0.5
Mung bean sprouts½ cup2.1
Mushrooms, button, fresh½ cup1.2
Olives, black50.7
Olives, green50
Onion2 tablespoons, chopped1.5
Parsley (and all fresh herbs)1 tablespoon0.1
Peppers, green bell½ cup2.1
Peppers, red bell½ cup2.9
Radicchio½ cup0.7
Romaine lettuce1 cup0.4
Scallion/green onion¼ cup1.2
Spinach1 cup0.2
Tomato1 small (3–113g / 4oz)2.5
Tomato1 medium3.3
Tomato, cherry52.2
Watercress½ cup0


Serving SizeGrams of Net Carbs
Artichoke½ medium3.5
Asparagus6 spears2.4
Bamboo shoots, canned, sliced½ cup1.2
Beans, green, wax, string, snap½ cup2.9
Beet greens½ cup3.7
Bok choy (pak choi)½ cup0.2
Broccoflower½ cup2.3
Broccoli½ cup1.7
Broccoli rabe½ cup2
Brussels sprouts¼ cup1.8
Cabbage, green½ cup1.6
Cabbage, red½ cup2
Cabbage, savoy½ cup1.9
Cardoon½ cup2.7
Cauliflower½ cup0.9
Celery½ cup1.2
Chard, swiss½ cup1.8
Chayote½ cup1.8
Collard greens½ cup2
Dandelion greens½ cup1.8
Eggplant½ cup2
Escarole½ cup0.1
Fennel½ cup1.5
Hearts of palm1 heart0.7
Kale½ cup2.4
Kohlrabi¼ cup2.3
Leeks½ cup3.4
Mushrooms, button¼ cup2.3
Mushrooms, shiitake¼ cup4.4
Mustard greens½ cup0.1
Nopales (cactus pads)½ cup1
Okra½ cup2.4
Onion¼ cup4.3
Peppers, green bell, chopped¼ cup1.9
Peppers, red bell, chopped¼ cup1.9
Pumpkin¼ cup2.4
Rhubarb, unsweetened½ cup1.7
Sauerkraut½ cup, drained1.2
Scallions½ cup2.4
Shallots2 tablespoons3.1
Snow peas/snap peas in the pod½ cup3.4
Sorrel½ cup0.2
Spaghetti squash¼ cup2
Spinach½ cup2.2
Summer squash½ cup2.6
Tomatillo½ cup2.6
Tomato¼ cup4.3
Turnips (white), mashed½ cup3.3
Water chestnuts¼ cup (canned)3.5
Zucchini½ cup1.5


Serving sizeGrams of Net Carbs
Almond milk, unsweetened1 cup1
Quorn burger14
Quorn roast113g / 4oz4
Quorn unbreaded cutlet13
Seitan1 piece2
Shirataki soy noodles½ cup cooked1
Soy “cheese”1 slice1
Soy “cheese”28g / 1oz2
Soy milk, plain, unsweetened1 cup1.2
Tempeh½ cup3.3
Tofu, firm113g / 4oz2.5
Tofu, silken, soft113g / 4oz3.1
Tofu “bacon”2 strips2
Tofu “Canadian bacon”3 slices1.5
Tofu “hot dogs”12.0–5.0 (depending on brand)
Tofu bulk “sausage”57g / 2oz2
Tofu link “sausage”2 links4
Vegan “cheese,” no casein1 slice5
Vegan “cheese,” no casein28g / 1oz6
Veggie burger1 burger2
Veggie crumbles¾ cup2
Veggie “meatballs”4–5 balls4


Serving SizeGrams of net carbs
Blue cheese2 tablespoons0.4
Brie28g / 1oz0.1
Cheddar or Colby28g / 1oz0.4
Cream cheese2 tablespoons0.8
Feta28g / 1oz1.2
Goat cheese, soft28g / 1oz0.3
Gouda28g / 1oz0.6
Mozzarella, whole milk28g / 1oz0.6
Parmesan28g / 1oz0.9
Swiss28g / 1oz1
Cottage cheese, 2% fat½ cup4.1
Cottage cheese, creamed½ cup2.8
Milk, whole, evaporated2 tablespoons3
Quark113g / 4oz5
Ricotta, whole milk½ cup3.8
Sour cream1 tablespoon1
Yogurt, low carb113g / 4oz3
Yogurt, plain, unsweetened, whole milk113g / 4oz5.5
Yogurt, Greek, plain, unsweetened whole milk113g / 4oz3.5
Heavy whipping or “double” cream (fluid)½ cup7
Heavy whipping or “double” cream (whipped)½ cup3


Canola Oil
Coconut Oil
Safflower Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Olive Oil
Sesame Seed Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Walnut Oil


Splenda (sucralose)
Truvia or SweetLeaf (natural products made from stevia)
Sweet’N Low (saccharin)
Xylitol (available in health food stores and some supermarkets)
For granulated sweeteners, count every 1tsp as 1g net carbs because these products can contain bulking agents which invoke an insulin response.


Acceptable drinks
Clear broth/bouillon (not low sodium, no added sugar).
Club soda.
Cream, heavy or light, or half-and-half (28g / 1oz to 140g / 5oz a day).
Caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee.
Caffeinated or decaffeinated tea.
Diet soda sweetened with noncaloric sweeteners.
Lemon juice (2.5g) and Lime juice (2.9g)
Plain or essence-flavored seltzer (must say “no calories”).
Herb tea (without added barley or fruit sugars).
Unsweetened, unflavored soy or almond milk
Water (tap, spring, filtered, or mineral).
Spirits and dry wines


Serving SizeGrams of Net Carbs
Blackberries, fresh¼ cup2.7
Blackberries, frozen¼ cup4.1
Blueberries, fresh¼ cup4.1
Blueberries, frozen¼ cup3.7
Boysenberries, fresh¼ cup2.7
Boysenberries, frozen¼ cup2.8
Cherries, sour, fresh¼ cup2.8
Cherries, sweet, fresh¼ cup4.2
Cranberries, raw¼ cup2
Currants, fresh¼ cup2.5
Gooseberries, raw½ cup4.4
Loganberries, raw¼ cup2.7
Melon, cantaloupe balls¼ cup3.7
Melon, Crenshaw balls¼ cup2.3
Melon, honeydew balls¼ cup3.6
Raspberries, fresh¼ cup1.5
Raspberries, frozen¼ cup1.8
Strawberries, fresh, sliced¼ cup1.8
Strawberries, frozen¼ cup2.6
Strawberry, fresh1 large1


Serving SizeGrams of Net Garbs
Almonds24 nuts2.3
Almond butter1 tablespoon2.5
Almond meal/flour¼ cup3
Brazil nuts5 nuts2
Cashews9 nuts4.4
Cashew butter1 tablespoon4.1
Coconut, shredded unsweetened¼ cup1.3
Macadamias6 nuts2
Macadamia butter1 tablespoon2.5
Hazelnuts12 nuts0.5
Peanuts22 nuts1.5
Peanut butter, natural1 tablespoon2.4
Peanut butter, smooth1 tablespoon2.2
Pecans10 halves1.5
Pine nuts (piñons)2 tablespoons1.7
Pistachios25 nuts2.5
Pumpkin seeds, hulled2 tablespoons2
Sesame seeds2 tablespoons1.6
Soy “nuts”2 tablespoons2.7
Soy “nut” butter1 tablespoon3
Sunflower seeds, hulled2 tablespoons1.1
Sunflower seed butter1 tablespoon0.5
Tahini (sesame paste)1 tablespoon0.8
Walnuts7 halves1.5
As with meats, beware of sauces and dressings that contain sugar or starchy thickening agents.


Serving SizeGrams of Net Carbs
Ancho chili pepper1 pepper5.1
Anchovy paste1 tablespoon0
Black bean sauce1 teaspoon3
Capers1 tablespoon0.1
Chipotle en adobe2 peppers2
Clam juice1 cup0
Coconut milk, unsweetened½ cup1.9
Cocoa powder, unsweetened1 tablespoon1.2
Enchilada sauce¼ cup2
Fish sauce1 teaspoon0.2
Garlic1 large clove0.9
Ginger1 tablespoon grated root0.8
Horseradish sauce1 teaspoon0.4
Jalapeño chili pepper½ cup sliced1.4
Miso paste1 tablespoon2.6
Mustard, Dijon1 teaspoon0.5
Mustard, yellow1 teaspoon0
Pasilla chili pepper1 pepper1.7
Pesto sauce1 tablespoon0.6
Pickapeppa sauce1 teaspoon1
Pickle, dill or kosher½ pickle1
Pimento/roasted red pepper28g / 1oz2
Salsa, green (no added sugar)1 tablespoon0.6
Salsa, red (no added sugar)1 tablespoon1
Serrano chili pepper½ cup1.6
Soy sauce1 tablespoon0.9
Sriracha1 teaspoon1
Tabasco or other hot sauce1 teaspoon0
Taco sauce1 tablespoon1
Tahini (sesame paste)2 tablespoons1
Vinegar, balsamic1 tablespoon2.3
Vinegar, cider1 tablespoon0.9
Vinegar, red wine1 tablespoon1.5
Vinegar, rice (unsweetened)1 tablespoon0
Vinegar, sherry1 tablespoon0.9
Vinegar, white wine1 tablespoon1.5
Wasabi paste1 teaspoon0


Serving SizeGrams of Net Carbs
Blue cheese dressing2 tablespoons2.3
Caesar salad dressing2 tablespoons0.5
Italian dressing2 tablespoons3
Lemon juice2 tablespoons2.5
Lime juice2 tablespoons2.9
Oil and vinegar2 tablespoons1
Ranch dressing2 tablespoons1.4


If you're paying good money to eat out, don't feel guilty about asking for a meal minus the bun, or a slightly different order to what is listed in the menu. Don't feel the need to explain yourself, either, but don't be rude unless you like the taste of phlegm in your lettuce burger. Tip your waitress. Just the tip.
Pork spare ribs without any sauce
Roasted duck
Egg-drop soup
Suan la Tang
Hot and Sour Soup
Almost anything - avoid Dahl or any lentils, and obviously the rice. Korma has nice coconut base, and I believe it uses a heap of coconut milk and heavy cream. Often topped with sliced almonds. Eat it as a thick soup!
Tandoori chicken
Saag paneer or any kind of meat (saag is a spinach based sauce)
Chicken vindaloo
Note that vegetarian dishes may be heavy in potato
Chicken or Steak Fajita Mix without the tortillas served on a bed of lettuce and sour cream with guacemole
Chipotle salads
Taco salad in general minus the shell
Burger Restaurants
Any burger without the bun/ketchup - beware of breaded products
Most places offer salad alternatives of a meal with fries
Any oily salad with meatballs or cheese as a base (Ask if it's not on the menu)
Any meat with marsala sauce, mostly veal or chicken
Italian sausage with different peppers
Pizza without the crust- just peel the topping off
Acqua pazza
Cafes and Breakfast Bars
All-day cooked breakfasts are fine (Bacon, eggs, sausage, minus the toast, scones, biscuits and waffles, obviously)
Teriyaki (Beware of sweet sauces)
Pho without the noodles. It may still have a little sugar in it, but it's worth it! Ask for extra sprouts.
Kebab/gyro - get the meat on salad, skip the hummus. Lots of dressing options, but mayo is probably the lowest carb.
Steaks (Obviously)
Ribs without sauces
Burgers without buns
Salads with oily dressings
Seafood Restaurants
All seafood is acceptable minus breading/batter
Mussels in moderation as they are quite high in carbs
Steak Tartar
Sauerkraut and sausages and other pork meat

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