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Pruvit Singapore is shipping Keto OS NAT in SG

Pruit ketones – now available in Singapore! No more cross border duties, high shipping prices etc. Pruvit recognized the demand for Keto OS in Singapore, so they now are shipping Keto OS NAT Ketone products directly from our HK warehouse to residents in Singapore! Here is the link to order from Singapore.

Pruvit Singapore - Keto OS NAT Drink Singapore

ALL Pruvit Singapore Ketones of KETO OS NAT are available in Caffeine & Caffeine -Free versions. Pruvit SG products are shipped from HK warehouse.

If you are looking to become a Singapore Pruvit Distributor / Promoter (scroll down for details) for details.

Keto OS NAT Customers Share their Experience with Ketones!

Pruvit Singapore - Keto OS NAT - Before and After Results
Pruvit Singapore - Keto OS NAT Ketones - Before and After Results
Pruvit Keto OS Nat Drink  - Results

* Disclaimer: The results depicted in the photos (or described in the testimonial) are unique to the individual, and achieved through dedication to a specific diet and exercise regimen in conjunction with Prüvit’s dietary supplements. Results may vary by individual.

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What Is Keto OS NAT? How does it work?

Ketones Drink Explained - Pruvit Singapore

This video shows how ketosis happens in the body, and how it burns fat. As well the benefits of using Keto OS.

Pruvit Ketones in Singapore | Products Available to Buy

Pruvit in the USA has more Keto OS NAT products currently available. They will all be coming to Singapore in the near future. Pruvit Singapore we will be offering our top selling NAT Ketones flavors:

  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Swiss Cacao (chocolate)
  • Splash (Watermelon Raspberry)
  • Lime Time (Lime taste)

Below are the Singapore (SG) Keto OS NAT ketones products you can buy. As well I explain the benefits of each product, so you can select the right product for you.

EXCLUSIVE PRUVIT COACH BONUS: If you order from me below, I will offer you free coaching, and access to our private “drink ketones facebook group” to get the best results from Keto OS NAT! Contact me if you have questions.

Keto OS NAT Ketones - Pruvit Singapore

Shipped from HK warehouse.
PRICE: $138 (Smartship $107.64)

Keto OS NAT SINGAPORE – Swiss Cacao, Raspberry Lemonade, Heart Tart, Lime Time, Splash.

Same formula as in USA. Available in Caffeine & Caffeine -Free.


PRUVIT KETONES SINGAPORE – THE BEST IN SINGAPORE! Keto OS NAT product the newest ketone product innovation from Pruvit Singapore.

KETO OS NAT™ is the ONLY exogenous ketone in the WORLD created through a process of natural fermentation. These Pure Therapeutic Ketones® are more bio-identical and stay in your body longer!

Keto OS® NAT is really the next iteration, the new disruptive technology, the new innovation that Prüvit has brought to market.

There are many benefits of ketosis and KETO OS NAT. Here are a few of the top benefits:

  • Fat-Loss: KETO OS targets and burns body fat with every serving by positioning your body to follow a proven, accepted, and universal fat-loss formula.
  • Appetite Suppression: Ketones naturally suppress your appetite allowing you to make better choices and eat less frequently.
  • Protect and preserve muscle: Ketones are extremely anti-catabolic (they are protein/muscle sparing) and will preserve and protect your lean tissue during periods of caloric restriction.  The more muscle you preserve, the more fat you burn.
  • Fast & Sustainted Energy: Ketones offer instant energy that maximizes your mindset and mental focus while motivating you to move more, do more, and be more.
  • Improved Clarity & Focus: KETO OS provides a cleaner, quicker energy pathway than glucose while providing very important signaling molecules to the body. 
  • Joint Mobility: Ketones, specifically beta hydroxybutyrate found in Prüvit’s Proprietary Technology, help maintain healthy joint mobility.

The main difference is the process in which it’s manufactured. It is the first and only naturally fermented ketone that’s ever been developed. And what this means is that there’s no possibilities of any contaminants being inside of Keto OS NAT which ultimately is going to help increase the bioavailability and absorption of this technology.

Pruvit Ketones Singapore | So what can people look for when biohacking their system with Keto OS NAT?

Keto OS® NAT is there to provide this super fuel, this alternative source of energy that your body can then take up and utilize for a variety of different functions. Some people come in and are looking at optimizing body composition, some people come in and they really need that energy they need that focus, they need that light switch to turn on and ketones themselves are really allowing your body to do that.

Pruvit Ketones Singapore is the only company that has the right key that your body can identify that your cells actually take up and utilize and are able to recognize to allow that fuel source to be take up and maximally utilized at the cellular level.

KETO//OS® NAT™ produces the most bioavailable ketone salts through the first and only naturally fermented process. Now that’s Nutritionally Advanced Technology™.



Utilizing our NAT™ BLEND featuring C-Med 100®, KETO OS® NAT™ supports healthy cell function, rapidly repairs DNA, helps support a healthy immune system, and elevates essential amino acids necessary for optimizing body composition.


About Pruvit Singapore

Prüvit embarked on its journey with a straightforward mission – to enhance individual well-being. Grounded in this fundamental principle, the enterprise ventured into the supplement industry with the creation of the world’s first consumer-driven ketone supplement beverage, known as KETO OS NAT. Their primary commitment is towards the development of products that are founded on scientific evidence, assisting people in realizing their utmost potential.

Standing as the global frontrunner in the realm of ketone technology, Prüvit is carving a niche in this emerging market. By emphasizing community engagement and leveraging the influence of social commerce, their guiding ethos remains unaltered: to foster improvement in people’s lives.

Singapore Keto OS Nat Packets Sachets - Heart Tart - Raspberry Lemonade - Swiss Cacao

Our KETO OS® NAT™ is available in FOUR flavors in Singapore: Raspberry Lemonade, Splash, Lime Time, and Swiss Cacao.

Don’t miss out on BETTER Pure Therapeutic Ketones® to help you be the best version of yourself!



KETO//OS® NAT™ and its proprietary NAT™ Blend™ with patent -pending KetoNAT™ BHB salts, facilitates quick absorption of ketones which allows a state of ketosis to be reached faster than ever for unrivaled results.


With increased appetite suppression, KETO OS NAT helps burn fat by controlling your hunger and reducing your urge to snack.


Our unique C-Med 100® signaling blend supports and maintains healthy cell function, maximizes cell debris removal, and extends DNA telomere length for longevity promoting rapid repair and recovery of your body.


Experience unparalleled mental clarity and optimized cognitive function due to the proprietary blend and supreme efficacy found in KETO OS NAT.

The Keto Coach Ketone Blood Test: I personally tested Keto OS.

Keto OS NAT Review

Buy Keto OS NAT in Singapore!

Shipped from HK warehouse.
PRICE: $138 (Smartship $117.30)

Pruvit Ketones SG - Keto OS NAT Ketones


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 Pruvit Singapore. Shipped from HK warehouse
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Pruvit Singapore - Promoter Pack - MINI

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Pruvit Singapore - Promoter Pack - MAX

12 Boxes / Total 240 Servings
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Keto OS NAT Singapore – FAQs

What is the Best Keto Supplement in the Singapore?

Research shows Keto OS NAT is the best keto supplement in the Singapore market today. It is the only naturally fermented ketone. Which allows it to have the highest bio-availability of all products. Making it the best keto supplement available in Singapore.

What is Keto OS NAT?
Keto OS Nat is made by Pruvit as part of the Keto OS line. It is the world’s first ketone drink made from a natural fermentation process. This allows Keto OS NAT to have the highest bio-availability in a drinking ketone product.
What kind of diet should I follow when I’m taking Keto OS NAT?
The best part about taking exogenous ketones like Keto OS NAT, is that you can experience the benefits of ketosis without major diet modification. However, it is encouraged that you slowly begin to follow a lower carbohydrate diet, and enhance your body’s ability to utilize ketones. Low carb or a keto diet is recommended.
How do drink Keto OS NAT?
For optimal performance and results from Keto OS NAT. It is recommended to consume 2 packets of Keto OS NAT per day. 1 in the morning, 1 later in the day. Mixed in 12-16 oz. cold water.
Where to buy Keto OS NAT in the Singapore?

You can purchase Keto OS NAT in Singapore from the official Pruvit SG site here:


Pruvit Promoter Business

Buy it directly from a Pruvit Coach,  and I will coach you at no cost, through the use of the product for amazing and maximum results. Just contact me after you purchase!

I am a Pruvit Promoter. You will redirected to the KETO COACH order page in Singapore.

PRICE: $138 (Smartship $117)

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