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Keto REBOOT Kit Review – The Best 60 Hour Keto Cleanse & Support Program.

Keto REBOOT - 60 hour keto fasting kit

First of all, Let me show you “how the 60 hour REBOOT Kit” will cleanse and reset your body while gaining the benefits of fasting – Easier & more effectively with specific nutritional products and professional guidance.

  • Have you struggled with Fasting or a Cleanse before?

  • Hungry all the time?

  • Need a Jump Start in Fat Loss?

  • Need Support and Guidance? 

Recent Keto Reboot Results (Before and After)

4.4 rating
4.4 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)

Join the 1000’s getting amazing results! Here are a few recent before and after testimonials from users of the 60 hour keto reboot.

Keto Reboot Results - Stacy R. Before and After

Keto Reboot Results Katelyn L. - Before and After

Keto Reboot Results Amy S. - Before and After

Keto Reboot Results Megan R. - Before and After

Becky F. Keto Reboot Results

* Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results. The results depend on an individual basis.


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Using the 60 hour Keto REBOOT Kit & Program by Prüvit, it will allow you to supercharge your body into ketosis (fat burning mode) with this affordable “Metabolic Reboot Kit” which includes some of the most high quality, innovative products I ever have seen.

In my opinion this combination of products and schedule will give you the benefits of fasting – without fastingAs a bonus, Pruvit offers a REBOOT coaching support group on Facebook for anyone who buys. 

The Keto Reboot Kit Explained by Prüvit

See the Keto Reboot video


Buy the 60 Hour Keto Reboot Kit below: Buy Keto Reboot - USABuy Keto Reboot - CanadaBuy Keto Reboot - Australia

Below is my personal review and findings of the KETO REBOOT Program by Pruvit. I am a Independent Pruvit Promoter.

Official Certified Pruvit Keto REBOOT Coach - Raj - MyKetoCoach

This 60 hour Keto Reboot by Pruvit is a highly effective way to reset your metabolism by reprogramming your body to run on fat for fuel. A great value at only $79. By completing this 60 hour Keto Reboot, you engage your body to use fat as the primary fuel source while gradually shifting into Keto Adaptation.

Raj PatelCertified Keto Reboot CoachMy Keto Coach

Keto REBOOT by Pruvit

What is the 60 hour Keto Reboot?

Simply put – it’s a nutrient supported 60 hour program to help with ketogenesis (when your body is using body fat for fuel) without having to subject your body to a simple water wash or dry fast, or even fasting in the typical sense. 

The Synergy from these 5 innovative products is what makes this powerful & effective:

  • Bioidentical ketones from KETO OS NAT
  • Electrolytes & Collagen from BETTER BROTH
  • AC-11 from SIGNAL OS (AM/PM)
  • Muscle building Protein & MCT from Keto OS PRO
  • Advanced Electrolytes for hydration from MITO PLEX

Lastly, to help you in the 60 hour window, you can join the Facebook support group featuring thousands of participants. Run by Certified Keto ReBOOT Coaches (Like Myself, along with others) to help you along.

As a result; this 60 hour Keto Reboot promotes metabolic hormone optimization, fat burning, and ketone utilization (instead of that nasty glucose).

You and other people doing the keto reboot will be creating a deficit and rebooting your body back to its natural state by taking control of unwanted cravings, preserving lean muscle mass, and maximizing your energy.

This product was created to inspire and educate individuals to experience the innovative Ketone technology while implementing small life hacks to create drastic health improvements.


Love what this product delivers? Want to try it? It is available each month for a limited time, for the following month timeframe to do this as a group!

Buy Keto REBOOT - 60 hour keto fasting kit

Buy the 60 Hour Keto Reboot Kit below: Buy Keto Reboot - USABuy Keto Reboot - CanadaBuy Keto Reboot - Australia


Is The Keto REBOOT Right for You?

what happens on keto

If you have never tried a cleanse (or even Keto Fasting), or did try with little to no success – then I personally believe this is an amazing simple solution for you.

See for yourself, with this quick quiz. If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, You need the “Keto Reboot” Fasting Pack:

  • Have you had diet pitfalls over and over – Yes or No?
  • Are you constantly hungry and fighting carb cravings – Yes or No?
  • Feeling bloated all the time – Yes or No?
  • Wanted to boost mental clarity and focus- Yes or No?
  • Do you have Inconsistent or poor quality sleep- Yes or No?
  • Do you suffer from the afternoon energy crash- Yes or No?
  • Want to upgrade your physical performance – Yes or No?

If you answer YES to any of the above then the Keto Reboot is for you! It’s intended to upgrade your system for a better YOU! This means anyone can benefit from the Keto Reboot and Optimization.

What are the Benefits of the Keto REBOOT?

Pruvit Keto RebootI know the word “fasting” and “cleansing and purification of the body” has been out there for a very long time. So what Pruvit has done is made the most energy efficient, optimal program to help your body REBOOT YOUR:

  • Metabolism
  • Sleep cycle
  • Mental focus
  • Fat burning capability

This affordable Keto Reboot Kit has some of the most high quality products I have ever used – best part is you essentially get the benefits of fasting with this cleanse.

Using the product below, it will reprogram your body into a fat-burning, muscle preserving machine. This 60 hour Keto cleanse will reboot your system into its native state creating lasting ketogenic benefits of being in ketosis and more!


Hitting a reset on your body’s metabolic efficiency sets you up to thrive on ketones instead of struggling on glucose.

Benefits from the Keto Reboot Kit

What Is Included in the Keto Reboot?

The Keto Reboot contains Better Broth, Keto OS Pro, Keto OS NAT, MitoPlex, and Signal OS AM/PM to complete your 60 hours.

4 x BETTER BROTH (4 packets – 2 flavors)

Keto REBOOT by Pruvit - Fasting Kit - Better Broth with Ketones

Better Broth is an amazing tasting bone broth you simple mix in water (cold or hot) and drink a couple of times a day. It also has ketones (Beta hydroxybutarate) to keep feeding the ketone bodies to your body throughout the day.

Why Fermented Leucine is Better

It has fermented leucine (which is a higher quality than other products using leucine) which can further break down into ketone bodies and enhance protein synthesis.

As well has type 2 collagen which is so important for muscle preservation, keeping our skin nice and tight and improved flexibility of the joints. It also has some additional potassium and AC-11 again for improved DNA repair. 

1 x Keto OS PRO + MCT (1 packet)

Deciding what your first meal should be once the Keto Reboot ends can be challenging, but we’re here to make it simple.

With KETO OS PRO, you’ll be optimizing muscle health and recovery,  enhancing strength & power, and supporting mitochondria with every sip! This ketone infused protein shake tastes great, has ketones (BHB) in it, as well MCT!

4 x KETO OS NAT. (4 flavors)

Keto OS NAT - Keto Reboot

The Bioidentical ketones which are in KETO OS NAT makes it an excellent addition to this Keto Reboot program.

The ketones will ensure energy through the day, as well help with appetite control to assist with the 60 hour fast. Keto OS MAX also has the DNA repairing AC-11 in it.

SIGNAL//OS Capsules (AM / PM)

Keto REBOOT by Pruvit - Fasting Kit - Signal OS with AC-11
Welcome to the new age of anti-aging. With its patented bioactive plant extract, Signal OS increases cellular renewal for natural DNA repair.

As a result Signal OS boosts your body’s ability to improve DNA and cellular signaling while strengthening your immune system and ability to focus.

This innovative bio-technology goes to work by enhancing the way your body communicates and functions at the cellular level for an upgraded experience you can feel.

  • Repairs DNA and improves cellular health
  • Removes damaged cells
  • Enhances natural immune function

Upgrade your daily experience with:

  • Increased memory, and focus
  • Prevented cellular damage before it occurs
  • Synergistically works with other antioxidants to increase efficacy
  • Stimulate collagen production

MITO//PLEX  (3 packets)

Staying hydrated during the Keto Reboot is crucial to your success. As a result our upgraded electrolytes, MITO//PLEX™, will help aid in proper hydration but also improve energy metabolism and mitochondrial biogenesis.

Prüvit has UPGRADED electrolytes with their MITO//PLEX™, offering unparalleled energy and performance, and sustained muscle mass. Combined with Pure Therapeutic Ketones®, MITO//PLEX™ is the next step to BETTER.

Private Facebook Group for Support From Experts.

You can do this on your own if you wish, but if you want to take advantage of the support group on facebook – help is here! These Keto Reboot sessions will begin the first Sunday following the first Tuesday of every month. This allows time for everyone to prepare to join this keto journey before the end of each month.

To help support your 60 hour journey, you will have exclusive access to the Keto Reboot Facebook Support Page. Here you will find Certified Keto REBOOT Coaches (Like myself) helping people with their questions etc. You will also find videos and more from experts sharing on what to do.

This is such a great value which is all included in your purchase. 

Buy the 60 Hour Keto Reboot Kit below: Buy Keto Reboot - USABuy Keto Reboot - CanadaBuy Keto Reboot - Australia



Recently purchased the Keto Reboot

Lost 5lb in the 60 hours!

5.0 rating

I never thought that would be possible – but I followed the kit 100% and also worked out. 1st day was tough, but after that it was easier. I get it once a month now..

Lisa K.

Jumpstart your keto journey

4.0 rating

I was skeptical at first but the reboot really work! I didn’t feel any lack of energy in fact the opposite! I needed to get into ketosis fast and this kit did that and I feel great!

Andy G.

Recently purchased the Keto Reboot

This all works is because of the SYNERGY of all these key select products. This was built with simplicity and purpose.

KETONES = The Bodyguard: Think of ketones as your cells bodyguards. They serve to let the right things in and keep glucose OUT.

AC-11 = The Repairman: Enter our friend, AC-11. This very small molecule which is easy to absorb in the body and enhances your body’s OWN DNA repair, working through all the nerves in the gut, helping and extending the longevity of your DNA.

The bodyguard ALWAYS lets the Repairman through so not only do you keep the bad stuff out, but you let the good guys keep fixing you up! This is what combining SIGNAL//OS + KETO//MAX + KETO//KALM + BETTER//BROTH to your daily regiment can improve your overall health!


How to Do the Keto REBOOT – 60 Hour Schedule

Here is exactly how to do the Reboot! Sunday night at 8pm will kick off the Keto Reboot for 60 hours!

This doesn’t mean to pig out with extra carbs over the weekend; it means to challenge yourself to prepare for the upcoming week as we should be constantly trying to improve our ketogenic lifestyle choices.

Reboot Schedule


  • Eat regularly during the day
    (but don’t binge eat – that only makes it harder on your body)
  • 30 mintutes before bed  – SIGNAL//OS® PM Capsules (3) 

Drink plenty of water and get to sleep before 11 PM!


  1. Upon waking:
    1. KETO//OS® NAT
    2. SIGNAL//OS® AM Capsules (2)
    3. Mito//PLEX
  2. Noon: BETTER//BROTH™
  3. 3pm: KETO//OS® NAT
  4. 6pm: BETTER//BROTH™
  5. 30 minutes before bed: SIGNAL//OS® PM Capsules (3)

Drink plenty of water and get to sleep before 11 PM!


  1. Morning:
    1. KETO//OS Pro
    2. SIGNAL//OS® AM Capsules (2)
    3. Mito//PLEX


Now you are feeling amazing and energized how do you keep it going? You are in fat burning mode – lets keep it going!

It’s important to set yourself up for success even after the 60 hours. By having some extra ketones on hand, you can purchase ketones here (I recommend Keto OS NAT):

This will support a smooth transition out of the fasted state and into better optimization. 

This is your first day to gradually add in protein and fat nutrition into your day. Scientific research tells us that adding in food items like eggs and bacon for breakfast and savoring small portions throughout the day will prevent any feelings of bloating.

Continue to utilize the power of Keto OS MAX Ketones throughout your day. Enjoy your small portions and remember that food is fuel! Prepare yourself for your best optimization quest!

Optimize your Wednesday:  Make sure to get in (2) KETO//OS® NAT, (1) BETTER//BROTH™, (2) SIGNAL//OS™, and (1) KETO//KALM™.

Continue to add healthy foods avoiding grains and sugars while taking advantage of the new fuel sources your body has been introduced to through the Reboot.

Optimize your Thursday: Make sure to get in (2) KETO//OS® NAT, (1) BETTER//BROTH™, (2) SIGNAL//OS™, and (1) MitoPlex.

Near the end of the week and your meals are now becoming more suitable for your body. Start preparing meals from your ketogenic meal plan. Continue to increase your water and plan to prepare for a successful healthy weekend! You are now entering the optimization phase.

Optimize your Friday: Make sure to get in (2) KETO//OS® NAT, (1) BETTER//BROTH™, (2) SIGNAL//OS™, and (1) Keto OS PRO

Tips from the Keto Coach to Help maximize Your 60 hour Reboot experience:

  • Create a daily routine to take your product at the same times.
  • Write down 5 things you are grateful for each morning while you drink your KETO//OS® NAT.
  • Only supplement with water or black coffee tea for the full 60 hours.
  • No sugar, sweeteners, or artificial flavoring.
  • Light exercise and relaxing activity is recommended for these 60 hours.
  • Listen to your body! Stay aware by noting how you feel each day in the notes of your phone or a journal.

Keto REBOOT by Pruvit - Fasting & Cleansing Kit for fat loss and healthBUY THE KETO REBOOT KIT TODAY!

Love what this product delivers? Want to try it? It is available each month for a limited time, for the following month session.

Buy Keto REBOOT - 60 hour keto fasting kit

Buy the 60 Hour Keto Reboot Kit below: Buy Keto Reboot - USABuy Keto Reboot - CanadaBuy Keto Reboot - Australia

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Keto Reboot?

The KETO REBOOT Kit is a 60 hour Intermittent Fasting Kit with specific nutritional supplements. It will assist you to reset your metabolism by reprogramming your genes to run on fat for fuel. The goal is to deplete all your glucogen (carbs and sugars) to allow a deeper state of ketosis. When your body is using bodyfat for fuel.

Where can I buy the Keto Reboot?

The keto reboot is only available the 1st of every month for a few days. You can order yours here directly through The Keto Coach:

Can you eat during the Keto Reboot?

No. The keto reboot is an “intermittent fast” from solid foods for 60 hours. You will however consume nutritional supplements and water during the 60 hours to assist in hitting your goals.

Does the Keto Reboot Work?

YES IT DOES! If your goal is to get into a deeper state of ketosis, appetite control and fat loss than the keto reboot kit is for you. It’s a great way to reset your body to run on fat – it has worked for over 70,000 people just like you.

Can you workout / exercise during the Keto Reboot?

Yes you can. We recommend to continue your exercise as a part of the keto reboot. Movement only helps.

How does the Keto Reboot work?

The Keto reboot allows your body to burn off (deplete) all your glycogen and carbs in 60 hours to allow your body to reset its metabolism. It will also increase ketosis, and your natural ketone production.

Is the Keto Reboot Safe?

Yes is it for a normal healthy person. If you have any pre-existing conditions it is best to consult with your medical professional for guidance.

Could I experience blood sugar changes over the 60 hours?

Yes, it is possible. Normal blood sugar is 80-100mg/dL. If your body is use to consuming 100-200 grams of carbohydrates a day, then you could potentially experience lower than normal blood sugar levels. Please check and monitors your blood sugar levels to maintain normal, healthy ranges. If you do experience low blood sugar, consider adding a few greens, avocados, or tomatoes, in addition to your BETTER//BROTH™ to help maintain healthy blood sugar ranges. If blood sugar levels remain out of the healthy range or become drastically high or low, please check with your health care provider.

Is it normal to NOT be hungry or craving foods after the 60 hour Keto Reboot?

Yes, it is very normal to not crave foods and/or have a decrease in appetite now that your body is in Ketosis. Listen to your body. Eat when hungry. Stop when full.

Is it normal to be more fatigued during the Keto Reboot?

Yes. The body is extremely smart and will do whatever necessary to survive. When it senses a decrease in “energy in” it will adjust to conserve “energy out” by making you tired, cold, and hungry.

Do I need to add an electrolyte with the Keto Reboot?

No, all the products in the Reboot kit are designed to be properly balance to help replenish what is normally lost through the normal diuretic process over the next 60 hours. We do suggest you up your water game and add Pink Himalayan or Celtic sea salt if you experience any headaches or feel dehydrated at anytime.

Can I drink an extra serving of KETO OS?

While it is not necessary, if you feel you need to or want to take additional servings of KETO OS, you can. We also encourage you to earn back this additional energy intake. For example: If you add/drink an additional 45 calorie serving of KETO OS, do your best to burn an additional 45 calories with activity.

Do I have to drink all of the products in the Keto Reboot kit and the exact times that are recommended?

These are recommended times. We suggest that you stay as close to the recommended times as possible. If you do miss one, it is fine to take it later in the day. Just be mindful that KETO//OS® MAX Charged contains caffeine.

Do I need to stop taking my vitamin supplements and/or prescription medications?

We recommend you stop taking all vitamins and supplements unless prescribed by your physician during the 60 hours. NOTE: If you are taking prescription medications, you must follow the direction of your physician and make sure to check with a pharmacist about any medications that must be taken with food.

Who can't do the Keto Reboot?

This program is not designed or recommend for children under the age of 18, anyone pregnant or breastfeeding, Type 1 or insulin dependent Type 2 Diabetics, or those with a history of an eating disorder. You should consult your primary healthcare provider before any new eating or exercise protocol.


Have you tried the Keto Reboot by Pruvit? Want to Leave a Review?

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