How to Get Pruvit’s Keto OS NAT for Free


How to get Keto OS for Free from Pruvit

Want Free Keto OS Every Month? + Bonus Product Added Every 4th Month?


YOU MUST BE A CURRENT CUSTOMER or PROMOTER of Pruvit to be eligible. (if you are not, please see bottom of this page on how to get started!).

It’s super simple to take advantage of this amazing program by Pruvit which many people don’t know about!

I am going to expose it all to you now! Simply by referring 2 Customers who also go on Smartship (Smartship = monthly autoship), then you will get your personal smartship order of Keto OS for free (or any Pruvit products)!

Let me show you how to do it – and earn up to $500 of free product monthly.

NEED PROOF? I haven’t paid for Pruvit ketones in 5 years!

Here is all the Keto OS I got for free. See my receipt, it shows my current active smartship products at $0, and then the FREE PRODUCT for the 4th month of active smartship! I just paid shipping – $8.68 for $500 worth of Keto OS for just referring people to this amazing product. Both CUSTOMERS and PROMOTERS are eligible for this!

Free Keto OS Program

What is SmartShip?

This is what Pruvit calls their monthly auto-shipment program of any Pruvit product which you can edit/cancel at anytime. You now get 22% discount on all re-occuring smartship orders – learn more below.

BONUS: All Monthly SmartShip Orders Get 22% off their orders always!

YES! that is right, when you select “SmartShip”, you will receive a 22% discount on products that you have in your re-occurring smartship order (excluding promoter packs). No more waiting for sales, just make sure to activate a smartship and you are set. 

You are in full control – change products monhtly, and cancel anytime from inside your account! Take advantage of these huge savings!

How To Get Free Keto OS NAT & More!

Current Customers and Promoters can earn Free Keto OS NAT, or any Pruvit products by simply having a current Smartship order of Keto OS, Keto Kreme, or any Pruvit products of their own. Then by referring 2 different people who ALSO setup a monthly smartship. You will receive the average of your 2 highest referred Customer orders in the form of “Prüvit Bucks”. Which are automatically applied to your current smartship order making it free! (you just pay taxes and shipping)! 

Just by referring people with your very own customer referral link – you get free product!

How to get Keto OS for Free - Explained

How to Refer People & Setup a “Customer Referral Link”

This is the link you will send to people who want to buy Keto OS (or any Pruvit product), and you will earn Pruvit bucks which are used towards getting your Keto OS for Free as part of the Free Product Program:

  1. Login to your Prüvit Customer account: (Username is usually your email)
  2. Click on your name / avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Click on “Settings”
  4. Click on “Referrer Code.” Change your code to something you will remember and click save once its accepted.

THAT’S IT! Now you can send people your Referrer Code directly or just shoot them a your custom link with your new Referrer Code in it:

EXAMPLE: My referral link is:

IMPORTANT: You must have an active SMARTSHIP prior to sharing your referral link. When 2 or more people purchase any Pruvit products on SMARTSHIP from your referral link. You will than be automatically eligible the following month, and onwards to get your personal SMARTSHIP order for FREE! (just pay shipping and taxes) It will be the average value of the 2 largest orders.

As long as you have 2 or more people with an active with Smartship. You will continually get it at not cost. I haven’t paid for ketones in 5 years!

How do Prüvit Bucks work towards getting Keto OS for Free?

  • Your Smartship order will automatically use Prüvit Bucks if you have the entire, or partial value in your account (wallet), up to a maximum of $500; ONLY IF you have 2 or more Active Smartship Customers.
  • Customers and Promoters can use their Prüvit Bucks on products for one-time and recurring Smartship orders. * You just pay for the tax and shipping.
  • Partial Prüvit Bucks can be applied to the sub total (excluding tax and shipping), and the remaining balance, including tax and shipping, will be paid with the credit card on file. Credit card on file is required to process tax and shipping.


New Customers (never ordered):

  1. You will need to go here and place your order:
  2. After you select a product, in the cart for the dropdown option of “HOW OFTEN” select “Smartship” which means your order will be sent out today, and you are setup for an auto-shipment the following month on this same day. (you only pay for the current order today, and you can change the product(s) of the re-occuring order at anytime later in your customer account)

Existing Customers without Smartship:

  • Login into your account ( ) (Username is usually your email)
  • Scroll down after logging in, and find SMARTSHIP Box on left. Press SETUP SMARTSHIP.
    • You can also find an option under STORE > MANAGE SMARTSHIP
    • Then select any product, and complete order process. You will not be charged today for this, this only sets it up for the following month. It will be a $0 charge today.

Existing Customers with a current Smartship:

AWESOME! you already have an existing SmartShip order setup, this FREE PRODUCT PROGRAM will be automatically applied. Just start sharing your referral link 🙂

How to get keto os for free
4th Month - Free Product Bonus

Get Additional Free Product (oh yes! it gets even better)

In addition to the 22% smartship discount, for every 3 months you keep an active smartship, Pruvit will ship free product with the 4th month’s SmartShip order! See mine below, I just got a Free box of Orange (see image above, and reciept below)! The free product may change each time.

Free Keto OS Program

So there you have it! I had to share this awesome valuable program for customers and promoters. Most people don’t know about this, or talk about it! But if I can save you money, while getting you healthier and closer to hitting your goals, than it’s a WIN WIN!

 Thanks Raj The Keto Coach – I am a Independent Pruvit Promoter, and this page is my explanation of the free product program available to customers and promoters.


Want to order Keto OS? Need more info on the Free Product Program?

Don’t know which product is right for you?

  1. Endorsement Bonus does not cover the cost of sales tax or shipping.
  2. For Eligibility Requirement, orders placed by Customers within 30 days of joining (Customer NV) and Smartship orders are valid.
  3. Both (2) Customers’ orders must be placed in the same calendar month to earn Prüvit Bucks for a given period.
  4. If you have more than two valid customer orders, the two largest orders placed within the current month will be used to calculate your Prüvit Bucks.
  5. Only 1 order per customer will be applied to the qualification. In the event a customer has multiple orders, the highest value order will be used.
  6. Orders that qualify towards the Endorsement Bonus do not get counted towards the Retailer Bonus or Residual Commissions.
  7. Customers and Promoters must maintain an Active Smartship order during the Pending Period or the Endorsement Bonus for previous qualifying cycle will not be paid out.
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