Top 9 Reasons Why Plexus® Ambassadors have Joined me at Pruvit!

Plexus vs Pruvit

I wanted to reveal the 2020 Plexus vs. Pruvit comparison, using experiences and facts from past Plexus Ambassadors who quit Plexus and joined me at Pruvit. I assume you are you looking to quit Plexus for something better? Somewhere you can earn more, with the hard work and skillset you used at Plexus.

Let me show you how easy it is to transfer your skills and your team from Plexus to Pruvit.

Other Ambassadors have made the move and are reaping the financial benefits from it – not only because of Pruvits aggressive compensation plan, but because me and my team help you every step of the way to success. We are the DREAM UPLINE you always wanted – I promise.


Hear from myself, and another top Pruvit promoter on my team (recent zoom recording we did). As we share our personal Pruvit business journey. We explain the business, and the Pruvit KETO OS product. This is a great high-level introduction to the life of a Pruvit Promoter. When you join me – you get BOTH of us to help you in your business!


Who is Pruvit? Pruvit is the company that has developed the ground-breaking product backed up with numerous scientific studies and research known as Keto OS. This product puts your body into ketosis (fat burning mode) within 1 hour (ketosis explained in short video). The state of ketosis is when your body is burning bodyfat for fuel. This product is great for anyone following any type of low-carb, or healthy diet. Keto OS is great for fat loss, muscle preservation, sustained energy, increased focus, reduces brain fog, appetite suppression, and better sleep. Essentially anyone can drink this product!

Plexus vs. Pruvit

Note: AMBASSADOR at Plexus , is equivalent to PROMOTER at Pruvit.

Top reasons why Plexus Ambassadors have joined me at Pruvit. Earning more with the same effort!

1. Easier to Increase Earnings & Rank – Even If Your Team Is Not Building Yet.

AT PLEXUS: Plexus Ambassadors have wished that their success and income wasn’t so dependent on how well their Ambassadors (team) are performing and driving business. They felt that if the team isn’t performing well, it doesn’t matter how hard they personally worked to rank up – it was just too hard.

  • Payout limited to 7 levels down
  • Retail commissions: Volume of 100-499.99 = 15% commission, Volume of 500+ = 25%

AT PRUVIT: With Pruvit you are not handcuffed on your teams’ performance to earn an excellent income. You are in direct control of your earnings. When you work hard, and share Keto OS with people, you are directly rewarded. Having a strong performing team does help, but does not limit your income or ranking potential unlike at Plexus. Pruvit also pays out up to 11 levels downYou can earn a solid income, even if most of your volume is coming from your own direct effort and sales! Remember you get paid on ALL volume you bring AND your team brings (not just left or right leg – ALL LEGS),  up to 11 levels!!!… All you effort you get paid for! 

  • Pays out up to 11 levels down
  • Retail commissions: All promoters start at 20% regardless of volume. Get 40% commission if you sign up with Experience Pack (for 30 days)

2. Pruvit is only a few years young. Get In at Ground Level & an Unsaturated Market!

AT PLEXUS: I can’t tell you how many ambassadors told me they are getting annoyed at the increasing competition. Plexus has been around since 2011, and now has a saturated market due to there being so many ambassadors flooding Facebook feeds with their products. I am sure you can agree!

AT PRUVIT: Pruvit is only 4 years old– and growing everyday. This is the best time to get in on ground level. It is fair to say its an unsaturated, niche market with Keto OS patent product. While the awareness of ketones and ketosis is exploding due to mainstream media talking about all the health benefits. The approximate amount of Pruvit promoters is in the thousands only (not hundreds of thousands like Plexus!) You can now see why there is a huge potential for all ranks of ambassadors that are moving over to Pruvit to make more money and build successful teams – it’s pretty self explanatory.

3. The Dream Upline You Wished You Had – Professional Grade Guidance & Help Everyday.

AT PLEXUS: There a so many “Ambassadors”, but most of them are not able to help their downline well enought to grow. This was due many of them not well versed or educated in health, or even network marketing (some couldn’t even answer questions about the compensation plan when asked). So many innocent people get under a team that cannot help them build – or wont help. (I a not saying all are bad – there are great Ambassadors, but the majority fall into this situation which than stunts your growth)

AT PRUVIT: It’s REALLY important you join the right team. A strong helpful and knowledgeable upline is the key to your success. Myself, and my upline are very team oriented. We are always there to help. But the major advantage I personally bring to my team is in 2 important areas which isn’t common anywhere else:

  1. Professional Digital Marketing Expertise of 12+ years (see LinkedIn profile)
    1. Prior to Pruvit, I was the Senior Lead of Digital Marketing at a large fortune 500 company (see LinkedIn profile). What this means to you is I can help you with any marketing online and offline. I have helped many of team members reach new customers with their social media presence, google and more! – maybe that’s how you found me?
  2. Keto Diet Coach for 6+ years who has helped over 3000 people get healthy (see Raj Keto Coach profile
    1. I have been in this health and ketosis/ketogenic diet business for 6+ years, in that time I have helped 3000+ people get into ketosis, and get healthy through nutrition and fitness. I share all my knowledge and how-to with my team to help them answer questions, and concerns of customers

See how to become a Pruvit promoter for me details about myself, the team and company.

4. Pruvit is Built On Strong Community Training – One Team Mentality.

AT PLEXUS: Ex-Ambassadors from Plexus that are on my team told me they are happy to know that they don’t have to spend as much time educating their team, since Pruvit offers so many amazing education tool, support and community. Pruvit supporting tools helps you a lot.

AT PRUVIT: Pruvit offers a lot in the terms of community training – they believe in education first. They offer:

  • Weekly zoom calls for new promoters & customers can dial into to listen to doctors (every wed at 1pm there is a Q&A with a medical professional to ask your questions which anyone can watch and participate)
  • Weekly calls with keto experts and business leaders talk about how to be successful in the business, what’s new, need ideas to try, answer common questions about Keto OS and more!
  • As well plenty of documentation in your backoffice to ensure you have access to any information you need.

Lastly, I personally add value of being a keto coach (for 6+ years before even Pruvit was around), so I can directly help answer question about ketosis and diets people may ask you. This is how I support my team and help them build their business. Learn more about how I personally add value and help my team

5. Early Bonuses for New Team Members to Ramp Up Business Building

AT PLEXUS: Plexus Ambassadors of all ranks expressed that the “Fast Start Achievement Bonus” was difficult to hit all the levels to make a real impact for new ambassadors financially. The whole purpose of this is to get them excited, and motivated. But felt it was hard to achieve and left them flat.  

AT PRUVIT: Pruvit wants new promoters to get excited for joining. To help out you and your team, Pruvit offers an aggressive additional cash bonuses of (This is all on top of your 20%-40% commissions along with any other bonuses or promos they may have at that time.) called The Go Challenge:

  • Go PRO: $250 cash + $100 PRÜVIT BUCKS (to be used for free products or discount codes to give new customers)
  • Go MVP: $500 cash (in addition to $250 Go Pro Bonus) $100 PRÜVIT BUCKS + MVP POOL
  • Go All-Star: Additional $1000 cash bonus

6. Car Program (Ability to earn $800-$1300 USD/month for a car payment)

AT PLEXUS: Ambassadors heard Pruvit offers a compelling car program ($800-$1300/month) to really get people excited to rank up and be leaders. While Plexus has a “Jewel Car Program” which is $500-$1000 and limited to ONLY Lexus vehicles (but what if you don’t like Lexus?). Also to get this car bonus you must have 6+ ambassadors under you along with required volume.

AT PRUVIT: Pruvit loves to give back to hard working promoters. Once you hit Rank 6 (which many do) Pruvit will pay for a new car (or pay your current car loan) up to $800 USD/month to a variety of brands of vehicles. As well once you hit Rank 7, you can opt for the $1300 USD car payment towards any model Tesla you want. Also the volume needed to qualify can come from promoters OR customers unlike at Plexus.  This has helped many promoters financially, and as well the incentive is just an added bonus that lets you know you are doing something right!

7. Free Product & Discount Code Program

AT PLEXUS: Ambassadors always wanted the ability to earn free product, or create discounts to share or pass onto a potential new customer or ambassador you are trying to get interested in Plexus products or Welcome Pack. 

AT PRUVIT: Pruvit believes the key to success is sharing Keto OS to get them to experience the product (get them to try it). So to help out, Pruvit has a free product program and ongoing Pruvit Bucks you can earn.

  • Free KETO OS Product Program: After you get 2 customers on a smartship (autoship) your monthly shipment of Keto OS is now Free ($149 value).
  • Earn Pruvit Bucks: Pruvit bucks are equal to dollars, and can be used towards personal discount off Keto OS, or you can make a discount code, to give to a new customer so they get a discount, and can get in at a lower cost to experience this amazing product.

8. Pruvit Keto OS Goes On Sale to Make it Easier to Build New Business.

AT PLEXUS: When Ambassadors discovered Pruvit has product sales which are up to 33% off! (for customers & promoters) to help drive new business they were AMAZED! Plexus does have sales rarely, but not discounted as much. Making it challenging at times, to bring on new customers or ambassadors. They found with deeper discounts getting new customers of people to build the business easier.

AT PRUVIT: To help promoters and customers, Pruvit has sales monthly (sometimes twice a month) to help encourage sales, and also allows people that were hesitant prior, to now have a chance to try the product or start the business at a discounted price. The sales range from 10-33% off (in my experience being with them) as well “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”, along with many other kinds of promotions. This is a game changer in this industry which only helps you!

9. Pruvit Sample/Trial Program to Give Product Samples to New Customers & Promoters.

AT PLEXUS: Plexus does have a fixed 3 and 7 days trial pack. 

AT PRUVIT: Pruvit has developed the flexible 5 and 10 day experiences system (you can make it any size you want actually, and charge what ever you like). This is where the promoter can sell a 5, 10, 15 etc… packet sample packs to allow someone to experience the amazing health benefits of Keto OS for 5, 10, 15 days. This is an amazing way of getting new customers and promoters to join since they get a chance to really feel how the product works for them. As well they make a profit off the sample (just an added bonus).

We also have the new 10 day challenge kit – which makes it even easier to get customers trial products.

Hope you found this this Plexus vs. Pruvit helpful.
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