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Keto OS PRO Pruvit | Ketogenic Protein Powder | Chocolate, Banana, Orange Dream

KETO OS PRO by Pruvit

First Ketogenic Protein Powder with Ketones & MCT!

What is Keto OS PRO?

Finally a protein powder for people on a Ketogenic diet! KETO OS® PRO™ is packed with Protien, Ketones (BHB) and MCTs, which help combat the aging process, boost energy, and improve digestion and more.

This Ketogenic protein powder helps initiate muscle growth and prevents muscle breakdown –providing high-quality fuel– perfect for advanced post-workout muscle repair and recovery.


UNDER 100 calories per serving!

KETO OS PRO by Pruvit utilizes a unique compound, known as C8 MCT, to enhance muscle preservation pathways, in addition to elevating ketones giving YOU MORE on your journey. 

This formula is truly innovative technology protected by 9 patents – and it tastes delicious!

Available in 2 great flavors – 30 servings tub:

  • Orange Dream (tastes like a orange creamsicle)
  • Chocolate Swirl (tastes like a tootsie roll)
  • Banana Cream – Dairy-Free (tastes like a banana cream pie)
  • Dark Chocolate – Dairy-Free

Price: $130 USD ($101 Smartship Discount) Australia $135

Regular Price:

  • Reg: $130 USD ($179.55 in Canada)
  • Save 22% by select SmartShip when ordering.

What is in Keto OS PRO & How to Take it

How to take Keto OS Pro: Dissolve 1 scoop in 12-16 oz. of cold water & shake/stir vigorously and with purpose drink or freeze. Can be taken with or without food.

Novel use = 1 daily serving
Optimal performance = 2 daily servings AM/PM

Keto OS Pro - Nutritional Label - Orange Dream & Chocolate Swirl


Pruvit Keto OS Pro - Protein Drink with ketones


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