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Learn why KETO COFFEE CREAMER is the rage among those doing intermittent fasting, keto or even low carb diets. Do you love Keto coffee – but hate the cost and the mess? 


If you are currently drinking keto coffee than you know the amazing benefits, but also you are well aware of the challenges in making it, along with costs of keeping this daily lifestyle. 

What is Keto Coffee? Why would you Drink it?

Keto coffee is simply a quality brewed black coffee (Starbucks / Tim Hortons will work) which you would add healthy fats too (coconut oil, MCT oil, Butter). Many people following a low carb diet, keto diet, or even people who do intermittent fasting are using this as a way to:

  • Control appetite
  • Increase energy
  • Increase their daily intake of healthy fats and collagen into their daily intake
  • Make it a meal replacement in the morning for busy people on the go

Keto coffee is specifically formulated to boost the body’s natural ability to convert fat into energy quickly giving you a mental and physical boost.

Adding keto coffee creamer to your daily routine is a simple way to promote a keto /  low carb lifestyle and increase your natural ketone production.

How to Make Keto Coffee Creamer – The New Way

The NEW Instant Keto Coffee Creamer Powder

The traditional, messy way to make it was:

  • Brew 8-12 oz of a high quality black coffee (you can use Starbucks, or even Tim Hortons on the go)
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of a high quality MCT oil
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter or grass-fed ghee
  • Pour into a powerful blender to mix it all together and consume.

That older way of making it – did work. The issue is, it was costly, time-consuming and inconvenient for most. People who drank it, did like it – but it was short lived due to those facts.

The solution to this problem is..

To have all these great ingredients in a packet. Which would be portable, affordable, and convenient to make keto coffee anywhere in seconds.

OH WAIT! there is:

  • Quickly and simple – quick like in 60 seconds
  • Very convenient and easy to make anywhere
  • Affordable and cost-effective

This was possible by a company named Pruvit who created Keto Kreme (the future of keto coffee) – which is an instant keto coffee creamer powder in a portable packet.

Price: $82 USD / $63.96 USD discounted on Smartship

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Now you have Keto Coffee Creamer in a packet! Now you get all the ingredients of the “traditional keto coffee” in a portable packet which you can pour into any hot black coffee – anywhere.

This is the Easiest Keto Coffee Creamer Recipe. 

Simply tear open and pour your favorite keto coffee creamer flavor into a brewed black coffee (example: Starbuck / Tim Hortons when you are on the go) . Stir vigorously for a few seconds, and enjoy!

8 Key Benefits:

1. Appetite Suppression and Energy

  • The main reason people drink this is because of the amazing appetite suppression you get, along with the energy boost. This is due to the fat content, along with the caffeine.

2. Instant Brain Boost from the MCT

  • Whether first thing in the morning or during that afternoon slump, get increased focus with this MCT and coconut fat one-two punch.

3. Advanced DNA Repair

  • Keep your body in optimum condition as C-Med 100® assists the body to repair
    damaged DNA cellular structures.

4. Improved Cellular Function

  • Renew your body at the cellular level with macro minerals you may be lacking. Cells are the building blocks of our bodies. Treat them well.

5. Stimulates Collagen Synthesis

  • Drinking collagen is one thing, but this special formula triggers your own body’s creation of collagen.

6. Strengthens Hair and Nails

  • Stimulate faster and stronger growth of hair and nails with each cup with the powerful added collagen.

7. Helps maintain healthy joint mobility

8. Digestive and Gut Health

  • You’ll know it in your gut as you restore and balance digestive health naturally with antimicrobial nutrients and caprylic fatty acids.

What Makes this the Best Keto Coffee Creamer?

There are various ways to make a keto coffee out there as mentioned before. BUT.. the BEST way to make keto coffee creamer in my opinion, and to maximum the benefits would be to make sure it has these key elements:

  • MCT Oil & Coconut FAT Combo: This keto coffee from Pruvit has the perfect ratio of C8, C10, and C12
    MCTs, provides maximum mental clarity and boosts energy faster and longer than other fats or oils. 
  • C-Med 100® DNA Repair on A Cellular Level: C-Med 100® assists in repairing cellular DNA structures in the body. DNA telomeres degrade and shorten as we age. This patented technology has scientifically shown to extend telomere life.
  • N8 Bioavailability Blend™:  This proprietary blend of C-Med 100® and specifically selected vitamins B6 and B12 helps your body absorb and utilize key ingredients in Pruvits’ Keto Coffee for extended and stronger results.
  • 4plex Collagen Matrix™: Through an innovative collagen extraction method, essential key components of this pure eggshell membrane collagen are preserved for optimum efficacy. This specific blend of collagen types I, II, V, and X are the ideal formula for maximized mental and physical performance.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Ingredients Ingredients

Using only real ingredients all with purpose. Below find the nutritional label, and ingredients.

Keto Coffee Creamer - Nutrition and Ingredients

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