Getting Started with Pruvit Ketones


Happy you are here! Let’s Get Started.

My name is Raj (The Keto Coach), and I’m excited to help you get your journey with ketones started!

To keep things simple, below are the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW as a Customer!

Remember: As a current customer, when you want to order product in the future this is done INSIDE your account: (Username is usually your email)

How to Login into Your Account + Check Your Current Order

Login here:
Username is email, password is what you set.

To find order history, order status , or a shipping tracking number – Login into your account:  then go to MANAGE > ORDER HISTORY

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Pruvit Products Explained:

All these great Pruvit products are available in your account in the STORE > SUPPLEMENTS area.

10 Day Challenge Kit: Great way to experience ketones. This box has a variety of KETO OS NAT flavors included. 10 caffeine / 10 caffeine free. After the 10 days you continue with your favorite flavor of Keto OS NAT until you hit your goals.

Keto REBOOT: 60 Hour Fasting Kit. Includes Ketones, Broth, MitoPlex, Signal OS. Break through fat loss stalls.

Keto OS NAT: Our main ketosis drink. Available in Caffeine & Caffeine-Free. Get into ketosis in under 1 hour – lasts 4-5 hours. Best for Fat Loss, Appetite Suppresion, Mental Clarity, Better Sleep. All flavors are equally effective.

Black Label KETO OS: This is our STRONGER version of Keto OS NAT. More caffeine and ketones per packet. Great as a pre-workout drink.

Keto KREME: The FAT coffee solution. Supercharge your coffee by adding Keto KREME to replace the creamer. It adds a does of healthy fats, and MCT to your coffee. Helps your body to create its own ketones, great for appetite suppresion and collagen.

MitoPLEX: The Upgraded Electrolyte with creatine. Great addition to Keto OS NAT. Mix directly in your ketones, or consume separately.

Keto OS PRO: This is a protein drink with ketones! High quality protein, ultra low-calorie drink to supplement within your day. This would not replace Keto OS NAT, but is a good addition.

KETO UP: Our Free-Cell ketones technology. Carbonated ketones drink in a can. Sodium-free with very fast uptake into our cells.

Better Broth: Bone broth in a packet! Has ketones, amino acids, protein, collagen, and vitamins B6 and B12, that work together to pack a punch like none other.

Stop Paying Full Price!

SETUP SMARTSHIP VIP & SAVE 15-25%..and UP TO A MAX OF 50% off!!

Smartship is our monthly auto-ship program.

  • Everything on your monthly SmartShip order will be 15% off for the 1-3 months, then on your 4th+ month it increases to 25% forever + PLUS EARN POINTS ON ALL YOUR PURCHASES, TO GET UP TO 50% OFF! As long as you keep it active.
  • Change products & flavors monthly
  • No long term commitment. Cancel anytime inside your account.


  1. Login into your customer account – (Username is usually your email)
  3. Then select any product(s), and complete order process. 

You will not be charged today for this, this only sets it up for the following month. It will be a $0 charge today. This will ship 30 days from now.

If you want to order products to ship out today. Go to STORE > SUPPLEMENTS to order.


How to Refer People & Setup Your “Referral Link”

This is the link you will send to people who want to buy Keto OS NAT (or any Pruvit product), and you will earn Pruvit points which are automatically applied to your SmartShip order as part of the discount Product Program mentioned above:

  1. Login to your Prüvit Customer account: (Username is usually your email)
  2. Click on your name / avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Click on “Settings”
  4. Click on “Referrer Code.” Change your code to something you will remember and click save once its accepted.

THAT’S IT! Now you can send people your PERSONAL REFERRAL LINK

Share it on social media – I can help.

How to CHECK How Many People Your Have Referred

Did you follow the above steps? and refer someone who purchased product, AND selected SmartShip (Subscribe & Save option).

How to check:

  1. Login to your Prüvit Customer account: (Username is usually your email)
  2. Click on the menu > REWARDS at the top.
  3. Requirements to get your product for free:
    1. Personally Enrolled Customer Orders – New Volume and Smartship Orders only” – you need 2 or more (will see a green bar)
    2. “Active Smartship order” – This shows if you have an Active Smartship.

If both of these are GREEN, then you have earned your SMARTSHIP Order for free!

*It may take up to 24 hours for it to show in your account. Also you can have your referred person login into their account. Scroll down to SNAPSHOT BOX – Click it. Then see the “REFERRER” name there – it should be you.

Earn Cash While Sharing Ketones!


Pruvit Promoter - Top Earner - Pruvit promoter near me

If you are loving your ketones, and want to turn your results and passion into a business – this is for you!

This business is simple. We show you how to share your personal experience with ketones to earn commissions on all your referrals. We do this together!


  • Cash rewards for all referrals, with a potential to earn a car of your choice and more!
  • Do this part-time or full-time
  • Share how you like (social or in-person)
  • Get a referral website and simple tools to help – you don’t need to be an expert.
  • Plug and play system that will train you, and others step-by-step.
  • Personal coaching from me, and be part of our community all focusing on being BETTER.

Upgrade to a Pruvit Promoter starting at $49 inside your account under STORE > PRUVIT PROMOTER. Select the membership, then any discountr TRIAL BUNDLE to get started!

Contact me directly if you want to learn more, or talk about this in more detail.

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How Do Ketones Work?

This video explains how it works and why Pruvit Keto OS Nat Ketones are different.

Some Results from Drinking Pruvit Ketones!

Pruvit Keto OS NAT - Before and After Results
Pruvit Keto OS NAT - Before and After Results
Pruvit Keto OS NAT - Before and After Results

* Disclaimer: The results depicted in the photos (or described in the testimonial) are unique to the individual, and achieved through dedication to a specific diet and exercise regimen in conjunction with Prüvit’s dietary supplements. Results may vary by individual.

Keto OS NAT Flavors Explained

Pruvit is always expanding and testing new flavors. Here I explain what each flavor of Keto OS Nat tastes like since they are fusion flavors.


    1. Raspberry Lemonade (tastes like raspberry and lemonade)
    2. Strawberry Peach (tastes like Strawberry and Peach)
    3. Heart Tart (tastes like sour candy)

    Additional Flavors:

    • Lime Time (tastes like lime)
    • Maui Punch (tastes like fruit punch)
    • Swiss Cacao (tastes like a Tootsie roll and chocolate)
    • Splash (tastes like watermelon and strawberry)
    • Blackberry Pineapple (tastes like Blackberry and Pineapple)
    • Blueberry Acai (tastes like Blueberry and Acai Fruit)
    • Blue Ocean – Black Label (tastes like a pina coloda)
    • Ruby Rush – Black Label (tastes like grapefruit)
    • Parents Approved KetonesKeto OS NAT LITE
    Best Diet with Ketones

    The BEST Diet to Follow with Ketones

    Keep it simple. Keep it low-carb.

    I am all about simplicity, and since working with THOUSANDS of customers drinking ketones here are the best tips to to follow:

    You dont need to do KETO. Both Keto and any Low-Carb way of eating work extremely well. Simple hack is reduce/eliminate sugar and bread. Remove any high sugar snacks from your cupboard to reduce temptation. Those Facebook groups above will also have a lot of great recipes and  advice.

    Stay Hydrated

    Consume 1-2 liters a day. You can flavor your water with MitoPlex which will also give you electrolytes to help.

    Drink 2 Keto OS NAT Ketones a day.

    One in the morning, one mid-afternoon to ensure deep ketosis all day long! I drink one prior to my workout to help me crush my workout.

    How to Mix Ketones:

    1. Mix packet in 12-16oz cold water (or more if you want).
    2. Shake and consume within 15 minutes or less.

    Get Moving.

    I would recommend adding 30-45 minutes of  walking, or physical fitness (like weight training) 3-4 times a week. This will help a lot, as this about better overall health.

    EASY LOW CARB & KETO RECIPES – If you go to PINTEREST and type in Keto / low carb Meals you will find a great assortment.


    You can either intermittent fast or eat! Keto OS NAT doesnt break a fast either 😉

    • Eggs (over easy, hard boiled, omelettes)
    • Bacon, Sausage, Avocados
    • Egg bake
    • Keto Pancakes



    • Salad with high fat dressing (I do Ranch, caesar or Blue cheese) with no croutons
    • Tuna or Chicken salad no grapes
    • Any meat add some butter & mct oil
    • Veggies and dip
    • Hamburger without bun
    • Keto Pizza
    • Ham cream cheese pickle rollups


    • We eat meat and veggies cooked in butter and add cream cheese!
    • Keto pizza
    • We love breakfast for dinner
    • Zucchini lasagna (just replace noodles for zucchini)
    • Pan Fried Salmon / Fish
    • Crack Chicken
    • Keto Chili
    • Grill up some yummy meat
    • Cheeseburger (no bun)


    • Macadamia nuts
    • Beef sticks (DUKES are great)
    • Cheese sticks
    • Hard boiled eggs
    • Nuts
    • Pickles
    • Veggies and dip
    • DRINK KETO S NAT, water and electrolytes!
    Easy HIIT workouts

    Free & Easy Home Excerise Routines

    Great for home-based workouts.

    These free workouts are on YouTube and are based on HIIT (High Intensity Internal Training) which are:

    • Only 30 minutes or less
    • With or without weights
    • Easy to follow along
    • Can be done at home, or at gym.

    There are many on YouTube, but these are some popular ones myself, and my customers have been using.


    Want More Education? Want to Know the Science?

    Check out our FREE Pruvit.TV site

    One thing we pride ourselves on is that everything we do – is based on science.

    Take a look at our PRUVIT.TV site where you can explore videos from health doctors and scientists who talk about our products for various purposes, how they work, how to optimize them etc.

    Pruvit TV

    HAVE QUESTIONS? Contact me directly.

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    * Disclaimer: The results depicted in the photos (or described in the testimonial) are unique to the individual, and achieved through dedication to a specific diet and exercise regimen in conjunction with Prüvit’s dietary supplements. Results may vary by individual.