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Rated 4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 52 reviews)

Showed me how to do Keto Right!*

Rated 5 out of 5

This book has been amazing. ok little about me, I have been doing what I thought was a proper keto diet for 3 months, with little weight loss. I was all over google looking for answers and couldn’t find any concrete reasons why I was not losing any weight or getting into ketotis. I then bought this book and it opened up my eyes to so much I didn’t know about keto. I was debating to spend the $65 – but I can tell you now I would have paid double. It has saved me to much time and frustrating. And since I bought the books 2.5 weeks ago I have lost 14lbs! And its not stopping cause I am not! Thanks Raj for this amazing book I am making keto my lifestyle not a diet. To everyone else.. Buy this if your serious in your health and weight-loss. Thanks Jen.*

Jennifer L.

I lost 14lb in 21 days! I found the diet and program that works for me!*

Rated 5 out of 5

This is my 2nd review! I lost 14lb in 21 days. Was I really strict with the MyKetoCoach diet? Yes! Was it worth it? Most definitely! This and Cross fit has worked so well together! I have been struggling to find a program that is right for me for some time now. I can honestly say, that I have tried everything. From Atkins to low calorie diets, from extensive cardio to heavy weight lifting and even many different kinds of diet pills and supplements. I HAVE NEVER been as happy and satisfied then with the Keto lifestyle. All of my other attempts at dieting, left feeling insatiable. Always hungry, always tempted by treats, and generally miserable. This is not the case with the Ketogenic Diet. The coconut oils, butters and rich foods I can eat leave me feeling satisfied, full and happy. Not only have I lost weight, my hair is growing and my nails are healthy too. I am so grateful to have come upon the MYKetoCoach site and to have had Raj as a mentor through these first few weeks. I can finally say, I found the diet and program that works for me!*

Radha P.

* Disclaimer: The results depicted in the photos (or described in the testimonial) are unique to the individual, and achieved through dedication to a specific diet and exercise regimen in conjunction with Prรผvitโ€™s dietary supplements. Results may vary by individual.

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