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Pruvit is shipping Keto OS in Canada!

Pruvit CanadaKeto OS in Canada! No more cross border duties, high shipping prices etc. Pruvit recognized the demand for Keto//OS in Canada, so they now are shipping Keto OS, and all their products directly from their warehouse in Toronto, Ontario Canada! 🍁 Here is the link to order from within Canada  

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I live in the Toronto, ON Canada and since they opened up the warehouse my shipping times have been much faster (2 days sometimes), and obviously much cheaper than before. An average order of Keto OS shipped in Ontario, Canada is around $5-$7  and across Canada only $12-$15. (based on my experience) 


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What Is Keto OS? How does it work?

This video shows how ketosis happens in the body, and how it burns fat. As well  the benefits of using Keto OS.

Keto OS Canada | Products Available to Buy

Prior, Pruvit in the USA had more Keto OS products available than we did here in Canada. But since we have a warehouse here now – that is not the case. Pruvit Canada has the same products available as in the USA! Below are the Canadian Keto OS products you can buy. As well I explain the benefits of each product, so you can select the right product for you.

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Keto OS 2.1 Orange Dream - Pruvit Canada - Keto OS CanadaKeto OS 2.1 – Orange Dream

Gluten Free

Keto OS 2.1 comes in “Orange Dream” flavor which tastes like just like an orange creamsicle to be honest.  The “2.1” is the version that Pruvit formulators are always trying to optimize so the number strictly just means the versions that they’ve changed. All Keto OS Canada products have BHB (beta hydroxybutyrate) or the ketone body that we are drinking the product for. In addition to that, Keto OS 2.1 has MCT which is an amazing source of energy. Our body will take the MCT which is a medium chain triglyceride and convert that into energy quickly as we process the ketone. It does have a little bit of dairy it’s the only Keto OS version that does ( Keto OS 3.0 & Keto OS MAX are dairy free you learn about them below). The minimal amount of dairy is just used in Keto OS 2.1 is to plate the MCT to the beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB). Since all our Keto OS products are natural, the flavor is coming from orange essential oils. All of the products come in charged or uncharged, charged means with caffeine (caffeine amount is equivalent to a cup of coffee) and uncharged means without caffeine.

Buy Keto OS 2.1 | Keto OS Canada

Keto OS 3.0 Chocolate Swirl - Pruvit Canada - Keto OS CanadaKeto OS 3.0 – Chocolate Swirl

Gluten Free Dairy Free

Keto OS 3.0 come in the flavor of “Chocolate Swirl”. This version of Keto OS does not have the MCT oil so if you have a sensitive stomach, the MCT oil could potentially upset your stomach from version 2.1. Pruvit wanted everyone to be able to use their ketone products, so they created this version and removed the MCT oil and replaced it with butyric acid. Butyric acid is normally found in things like grass fed butter and it’s an amazing anti-inflammatory additive and it’s a great digestive aid. Lastly, to further improve this version Pruvit added a prebiotic. If you buy this one, you may find that you are a bit more gassy but  that’s actually a good thing because your body is turning on those “healthy pre-digestive enzymes” that’s in the upper part of your stomach, this is the pre-biotic versus a pro-biotic. Like all Keto OS products, Keto OS 3.0 product has the same amazing beta hydroxybutyrate ketone body that the Keto OS 2.1 has in it. One last addition in Keto OS 3.0 is it has additional amino acids to help with muscle recovery.

Buy Keto OS 3.0 | Pruvit Canada

Keto OS MAX Maui Punch & Swiss Cacao - Pruvit Canada - Keto OS CanadaKeto OS MAX – Maui Punch, Swiss Cacao, Raspberry Lemonade


BEST OF THE BEST! Keto OS MAX product the newest ketone product innovation from Pruvit. The Keto Max comes in 2 amazing flavors, one being Maui punch and the other is Swiss Cacao. This version doesn’t have MCT, or any butyric acid. But it does have an amazing brand chain amino acid blend. The (BCAA’s) amino acids are vegetarian and so when you look at the package it says vegan certified. This is a really important topic for those people who want to go vegan, Pruvit made sure that the taurine (part of the BCAA) is not from an animal source. Generally, taurine comes from duck feathers or human hair and the amazing thing about taurine is that it can break down into additional ketone bodies called acetoacetate, this is combined with lucine which has amazing benefits and are very friendly ketone amino acids and are ketosis friendly. So basically what this means is as you exercise, play sports or any strenuous activity the BCAA blend will help in recovery the next day, as well in keeping muscle. As we start to age, it’s important to have those extra amino acids that are ketone friendly.

Buy Keto MAX | Keto OS Canada

Keto OS MAX vs. Keto OS 2.1 & 3.0

The main difference is that Pruvit have taken their amazing beta hydroxybutyrate and blended it together and twisted it, in a biochemical form that is twice as bioavailable as any other ketone on the market (meaning it absorbs into your blood stream very quickly so you get full benefit from the product). Keto OS Max is the most bioavailable ketone supplement, pure therapeutic exogenous ketones on the market that comes in an amazing Maui punch, Raspberry Lemonade (which is my personal favorite!), & Swiss Cacao flavor.

The Keto Coach Ketone Blood Test: I personally tested Keto OS.

*This is my personal results from Keto OS
See the full Keto OS Review here


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Ordering from me above? Well here is how you can save 22% using our “SmartShip” option (monthly autoship which you can cancel anytime). By selecting TODAY + SMARTSHIP when ordering Keto OS. You will get a shipment sent out today to you (paying only for that order) and will be setup for NEXT MONTHS autoship order which will ship out next month (you get charged next month when it ships), that one will be discounted 22% and always be 22% off as long as you keep your smartship! You can change flavors monthly! and cancel anytime without penalty!  The Savings are AMAZING!


Keto OS in Canada – Video Transcription

Finally, Keto OS products are available in Canada. So what I’m going to take you through today is the differences between them, and being a Canadian how you can order them.

Hi guys, my name is Raj Patel, I am a Keto coach from Am super excited Keto OS Canada and Pruvit Canada are now direct shipping within Canada. I am in Toronto area from Ontario Canada, so this is a super exciting for myself and for all my clients as well, so I’m going to take you through what products are available here, where the warehouse is, and the benefits for us Canadian. So all these products are available in Canada, I am going to start off with this one here, so this is Keto OS 2.1 orange dream taste like orange dreamsicle. It’s fantastic all these products have Beta Hydroxybutyrate with ketones to put your body to a state of ketosis within one hour. what this one has its additive is MCT so pumps up your fat give a great clean energy as well, so this one here comes in caffeine free and caffeine version has less than a cup of coffee of caffeine in each serving.

This one here is Keto OS 3.0 is the next one after that. This one is great for people with sensitive stomachs it does not have MCT in it, but it’s a Prebiotic so it’s great for digestion and absorption of the product, as well as this one here, is also dairy free that one has a little bit dairy you want to join in it so this one is great for people with sensitive stomachs.

The last one, these ones here is Keto OS Max, so these are my favorite. This one is Maui Punch fruit flavor, and this one here is Swiss Cacao, too weird name but it comes in a chocolate flavor typical hot chocolate, to be honest. These are two of my favorites these ones here also obviously have beta hydroxybutyrate the ketone in it common caffeine free and caffeine version, but this one here has branched chain amino acids in them. Help sort of retaining muscle and building muscle as well as they were 40% better uptake, so the 40% better uptake is because it has a new blender Beta hydroxybutyrate in it, so again this is an evolutional product, they keep coming to a look better and better every time.

The last one is Keto Cream, so Keto Cream is a healthy way of adding fats to your diet especially if you’re on Keto diet, so what this will do is replace your bulletproof coffee in a simple packet form, so come in a packet like this tear it open pour it in your Tim Horton’s coffee because we all love Tim Horton’s some people like Starbucks, but whatever, so pour it in there mix it up drink it, and it tastes great has a hint of coconut 15 grams of fat immediately added to your coffee. Now there are two different types of packaging you’ll see this kind, and this is kind. This is a newer kind so this is the one you probably may be seeing if you order and the packaging went from this to this it’s just a slender pocket that’s only difference it helps in saving shipping and they’re using less paper. now for us Canadians the big thing is where is been shipping from because before it’s shipping from the US, and it was just atrocious, so now it’s shipping from within the saga there is a big warehouse in saga  that I get shipped out from across Canada, and the great thing for us is actually our shipping is pretty cheap, so I like I’ve shipped out a lot of products, and a lot of my client used the POS, so the shipping that Pruvit offers is it starts from $5, so if you’re in the GTA area five bucks, and you get the product within two or three days usually which is fantastic across the country always to the west coast it goes around to 8 to $11 for shipping, so it’s not bad at all we’re Canadians usually get hammered for shipping when you order online.

So all these photos are available online at the Canadian site if you go to,I can direct you to the Canadian site to ensure you order the right one, so get shipped out of the saga, and not the US if you’re ready to purchase Keto OS or you want to learn more contact me at or email me directly at, and I’ll help you find the right product for you. these bars are great they help with any little card diet or ketogenic diet and if you are looking for more ketogenic information or ketosis diet plan check out my site have diet plans, the Keto coaching as well obviously the ketosis product so hit me up and let me know how I can help you and let’s get help you together you

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