5 Reasons Why the Ketogenic Diet is the Best for Weight Loss and Health.

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Many people ask me “Why is the keto diet the best for weight loss?”

So I figured I would write this article of my top 5 reasons as to why the ketogenic diet is the best quick (because people need to see results fast to be motivated) and long-term weight loss solution for men and women that are looking to get healthy and live a long energetic life!

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The Keto Basics

The basics of why keto is amazing is because it’s simply natural! It’s based off our natural state of being in ketosis. Did you know humans are born in a state of ketosis? This is when your body is burning fat for fuel, to power you bodily functions and organs. A proper keto diet plan following the 80/15/5 macros breakdown allows your body to get into a state of ketosis by eliminating starchy carbs which impacts blood sugar, which halt fat burning, and causes a host of other issues. With the depletion of glycogen (carbs), the body must breakdown your own bodyfat into ketones in order to use it as fuel to power your body and organs. So this means you are burning fat all day long – because it’s the SINGLE fuel source powering your every movement! Sounds pretty good right?

Metabolic Damage keto

Ok let’s get on with it…

The Keto Coach’s’ Top 5 Reasons Why the Ketogenic Diet is the Best for Weight Loss.

*when I say “best”, I mean in terms of not only superior fat loss, but also long term weight loss. As this is about a lifestyle. It is surprising, but if you encounter anyone (or even yourself) having doubts if the keto diet is bad for you? – or good for you? click here to learn the facts.

bacon helps ketosis

1. Eat the Foods You Love

The keto diet consists of eating high fat, moderate protein and low carbs (from greens). So this means you can eat items like:

  • Burgers – with cheese, bacon etc.. (hold the bun please)
  • Bacon – who doesn’t love bacon?
  • Whole Eggs – we want the full nutrition, not only the whites
  • Butter – You can add butter to all your meals. Imagine it on a sizzling steak!
  • Chicken Wings – no chicken breast here on a keto diet
  • And the list goes on and on…see a larger keto food list here

What I am trying to get at is, there are a lot of great foods you can eat on a keto diet, which you cannot on other diet plans.


2. No Energy Crashes

Goodbye 3pm slump! Since you are in a state of ketosis and your body is running on a consistent energy source (your body fat), you will never feel energy crashes like you do now after a heavy carb meal. You know, after lunch, many people around 2-3pm start feeling tired and need to get that cup of coffee to stay awake at work. That is no longer the case when on a ketogenic diet. You are always energized, and have even, consistent energy powering your workouts and day at the office. It truly is an amazing feeling which can only be appreciated if you are actually IN ketosis.

keto long term

3. Easier to Stick to, for Long Term Fat Loss

Many diet plans people try are short lived. (I assume that why you’re reading this article).  A few popular reasons people cannot stick to most other diets is because:

  • The weight loss results are too slow and inconsistent
  • It’s too difficult to follow, or has very limited foods (some diets even expect you to purchase “special” food from the plan providers)
  • You feel weak and tired all day long – most likely starving yourself.
  • Food preparation is difficult and complex
  • Vacationing or going out to a restaurant and sticking to your diet is near impossible

Now with a keto diet – yes it is a big change, and a new way of eating. But once you are used to eating this way it’s easy breezy! You have no carb cravings, you “cheat” less if at all, and you get the results you want in a reasonable time. You have a variety of food options and meals that are easy to prepare (also eating out is very doable). The list goes on…but the main reason why the keto diet is great for long term weight loss is because it becomes a lifestyle, not a diet. This is your new life, the new you!  It becomes part of your everyday routine and you actually don’t really think about it anymore.

Keto Coach Before and After - 40th birthday

4. You Look and Feel Younger

This is no joke! Here is a picture of me (I look younger at 40 than I did at 32). When you’re in a ketosis state, your really do look and feel younger. The main reasons for this are:

  • The Fat Loss You Will Achieve. Everyone looks younger when they lose weight
  • Glowing Skin – your skin looks younger and tighter.
  • Hair & Nails are Strong – you will notice your hair is shinier and nails are stronger, which plays the same part as better skin.
  • Energy All Day Long – You feel bright eyed and focused. Again because of the ketones being used for fuel all day.
keto diet better sleep

5. Better, Deeper Sleep

The ketogenic diet is amazing for better quality sleep (which also helps point #4). Many people who eat starchy carbs or sugar throughout the day keep spiking insulin up and down, glucose goes up and down – and this see-saw effect really wreaks havoc on your metabolism and body. When in ketosis – it’s much more stable and controlled energy environment, not so erratic. This results is a calmer metabolism which helps your body to get into “sleep mode” much easier when it’s time. You get a better, deeper sleep which allows your body to repair itself and metabolize fat throughout the night. When you wake up you feel refreshed, and jump out of bed. You no longer are hitting the snooze button like 5 times before finally getting up! Energy is there right when you wake up!

Honestly, there are many more reasons but I had to keep this concise to ensure people would at least read 5 great reasons why the keto diet is amazing for fat loss and a healthy long life. If are interested in starting your keto diet journey. Check out my simplified keto diet plan here.

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