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Quickly learn how to cook bacon in the oven with these simple steps.

As well how to make clean up super simple. I show how I bake bacon in the oven with 2 packs of bacon.

For a ketogenic diet bulk cooking is the key to keeping it simple. So hope you enjoy this video.

Cooking Instructions:

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • Cook bacon at 400 degrees for 30 min.
  • Flip bacon at 15 min to ensure even cooking.
  • Cook longer if you want it crispier. 
  • Remove into glass container for fridge storage.

Also when the bacon is done cooking, and you are taking the bacon out into a glass container, I recommend putting some of the fat into that container as well. It’s a good way to add some fat to your eggs later or even when heating up the bacon again to eat later – great for your ketogenic diet.

Clean up it simple. Just fill up the pans with water, let them sit for 15 minutes. Then just wipe away the grime – no scrubbing. Just need soap! It’s pretty amazing how easy it is. So that’s the super easy way to bulk cook bacon, now you know how to cook bacon in the oven.

In the Video:

Looking to learn how to cook bacon in the oven, and fast way to cook bacon in bulk and save time? Especially if you are on a keto diet. Stay tuned and I’m going to show you how with this keto tip

Hi everyone. I’m going to make a quick video on how to bulk cook bacon (like my how to cook keto deep fried chicken wings video) and how to cook bacon in the oven. Its super simple, clean-up is really easy as well so I’m going to go through all those steps. so here’s a pack of bacon, typically I try to find pesticide free bacon but this is the typical kind you buy in the store so this one here, when buying bacon make sure it has a good amount of fat in it versus the meat, bacon that has fat tastes better and for keto that’s what you want and also lastly if this is for keto which I would hope so make sure it has no added sugars in it like no meat ball, all that type of thing has added sugar so let’s make sure there’s no carbs in there. so here’s how I lay it out in the pan, so you don’t have to prepare the pan, there’s no spraying oil or anything involved, just lay the bacon out equally, this is one pack and that’s another pack so one pack will fit in here. You set your oven for 450 degrees for thirty minutes and in fifteen minutes you pull the rack back out flip them and put it back in and it will be cooked to perfection. and also go through quickly how to clean the pans up, its super easy and making life easy and I’ll show you how to pack your bacon up so then in the week you can just be eating grab and go to take you through the week and again it’s about bulk cooking, making life easy. I’ll show you in the next video how I set the oven.

We are at the fifteen minute mark. I just want to show you guys, after fifteen minutes, quickly pull it out and I just flip all these over. Just to ensure even cooking because you can see this side is well cooked than the other and then put it back in when you’re done. I’ll see you in the next video.

So the time is up now and I took the bacon out of the oven so this is what it looks like coming out. You can keep it in as long as you want depending on the kind of wellness you want. I like it in between crunchy and juicy so that’s what this is right here. So I’ll take it out of the pan and I’ll put it into a container like this. you can see all the bacon in there and what I do is taking the, this is the pan, ill actually, especially for keto, we want to keep some of this fat so ill drizzle this over it, not all of it and what I’ll do is ill keep it juicy as well we have bacon grease at the bottom to help cook with when you’re heating or you want to use for eggs or anything and the secret of cleaning this pan, you’ll see it later but I’m going to be putting water in it, let it sit for maybe even fifteen minutes and all the grime that’s in here will all just rub away with even a soft towel so it make clean up really easy.

So here’s all the bacon fitting into this container and this is how I do, this is what I do for clean-up. so ill fill this up with water and just let it sit for fifteen, twenty minutes and drain it and you just wipe it away and its perfectly clean, no need for harsh chemicals and its quick and simple. if you’re looking for any information on keto diet or on keto coaching, please check this site, and as well subscribe to my youtube channel because I’ll be creating more videos like this and others on recipes and just keto diet overall.

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