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Want to know how to make keto deep fried chicken wings?

Thought I would share a super easy, carb free way to make yummy keto deep fried chicken wings. Tastes great using simple ingredients and only 10 minutes of cooking time!

Deep fried no carb wings are amazing to fit into your ketogenic diet plan and lifestyle. It has the right balance of fats and protein you want. You can always add more spices than I mentioned.

But I try to keep my keto recipes simple and tasty! Thanks for tuning in — Your Keto Coach.

In this video:

Hey guys your keto coach here. Brisk morning, it’s like plus seven in Toronto, Ontario Canada. But out here I’m going to show you how I deep fry my chicken wings. I’m outside my back yard and I’ll show you what I do and the tools I use and this will be a time out video with a few little breaks in between.

I’m going to be deep frying today so we have a bunch of chicken wings which were dried down. They’ve been patted down, you can see from the napkins here, they are very dry, it’s really important to have dry wings so it doesn’t splatter up in there and so it also cooks properly. Some of the items that we will be using today, ill show you these later, some kind of hot sauce so I use the one here, just make sure there’s no carbs or sugar added.

In Canada we have this for organic butter so I use organic meto for pasture butter and then lastly, some Himalayan salt just to give it some flavour. So yeah those are after the deep frying. This is my deep fryer, it’s a t filed deep fryer, works really good. just outside so it doesn’t smell up the house and what we do is we set it to 375 or 374 in this case and if you open up in here, you’ll see this nice golden brown oil, its actually peanut oil we use. We don’t use anything else, peanut oil is good for you and actually works really well.

It is expensive but you can keep re using  it and this one is actually good because it goes right back into the bottom container after it’s done. So I’ll go right back after the temperature has reached the 374 degree mark. And also when you do cook it for at 374, 375, you only deep fry for around ten minutes and the wings are done.

So we have reached 375 so I want to put the wings in so what I’ll do is ill grab a couple here. so I put enough in here just to make sure we have good coverage but don’t put too many otherwise it’s not going to cook properly so you’re going to have to do a couple of batches which is fine.

Okay so we have that so we are going to slowly put it in the oil and here it is. Alright so now we are going to set the time right here for ten minutes so it’s set for ten minutes now so that’s it. Once it’s done in ten minutes I’ll take it out.

So here it is after ten minutes. You see its all-golden brown. So I have already mixed my butter and hot sauce together. Here it is half a cup. So I’m just going to pour some of it in here, mix it properly. You can add as much as you want, eventually you’re going to have to mix it all together any way. So let me just toss this up real quick.

Then ill sprinkle a little bit of salt in there. That’s it and then I’ll put it all in here and wait for the next ten minutes for the next batch. I’ll keep repeating it until I’m done all the chicken wings that I showed you earlier so that’s it. See how great that looks

The question I get often is how many wings I eat. Again it’s always important to think about how many macros you have. Make it fit into your daily macros. two to three wings, three to four wings sometimes is what a lot of people eat – it’s a great fat source.

The fat to protein ratio is great in wings so that’s why it’s such a good thing for keto. Again if you have any questions, if you’re looking for keto diet or keto consulting, hit me up on this site and make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel: because I’m going to be creating more videos for tips and tricks and quick recipes like this. Thanks

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