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For most people carb addiction has become a lifestyle that has them craving for more sugar and just more carbs in general. 

Sadly, the effects of a high-carb diet are almost similar to those of a Class A drug addict; you get stuck in a cycle of eating a high sugar/carb meal which makes you feel happy, blood sugar rises, your body is essentially on a high for a very short period of time.

Than followed by a “carb crash” a little while later, cravings come back, you feel tired, lethargic and need more carbs to get energy again, this goes on until your body can’t take this vicious cycle anymore. 

Health problems and obesity set in. 

How to stop carb sugar cravings keto
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How to Stop Carb Cravings

The ketogenic diet is a popular and proven solution to beat and manage carb and sugar cravings. The keto diet was embraced as an effective weight loss strategy and a way to deal with high-carb cravings due to its ability of appetite suppression, while giving you sustained amounts of energy throughout the day. A proper ketogenic diet plan can help get rid or control sweet cravings entirely but mainly helps individuals to resist satisfying their urges with high-carb foods; rather find low-carb, high fat foods to satisfy the cravings. 

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How it works

Also known as LCHF, Low Carb High Fat diet, a keto plan helps improves health by altering the metabolism to burn fat rather than glucose a process called ketosis (which is our natural state actually – you are born in a state of ketosis which means burning ketones for energy). A ketogenic diet plan works by forcing the body to change its fuel source by depleting glucose intake, thus making it use fat (which converts to ketone molecules) the body burns ketones for energy instead of depending on sugars or carbohydrates since they are lacking in the bloodstream. No more energy crashes or cravings.

Why more fat and less protein?

The diet plan works by encouraging high fat intake, reasonable amounts of protein and low carb food. Fats, unlike protein, have no effect on insulin.

If you consume large amounts of protein (meat), on the other hand, insulin levels may increase temporarily.

Elevated insulin levels may reduce the body’s ability to burn fatty acids. As such, you have to keep track of the amount of carbohydrates and carb in food eaten.

What’s more, nutrient intake should mainly come from fat 80% of calories from fat, 15% from protein and 5% from carbohydrates. This way you will feel fuller and reduce carb cravings and encourages the state of ketosis.

A few others ways are:

  • take 500 mg of L-Glutamine.  This is an amino acid that acts as a sugar substitute in the brain.  It’ll trick your brain into thinking that you’ve just eaten sugar.  You’ll brain will use this as fuel when you’re low on sugar.  The best part is, this works fairly quickly.  and won’t however have all the nasty side effects that sugar has.  Use L-Glutamine in a pinch and it’ll help you get over your sugar cravings.
  • Get out there and go for a walk.  Walking or any exercise releases something called dopamine.  This is referred to as the feel good drug that the body creates.  It will improve your mood and take away those sugar cravings.  The same could be said about hitting the gym as well.  Exercise in general is great and it’ll help you get one step closer to finally kicking the sugar habit once and for all.

How to start a Keto diet plan

A well planned, easy to follow keto plan is key for success. My custom ketogenic plan keeps everything simple, and customized to you exactly!

You do not have to restock your pantry with special groceries or cook complicated recipes!

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