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A Real Keto OS Review with Blood Test Results! 

So I am sure you have heard of KETO OS by Pruvit product. The ketone product that gets you into ketosis in 1 hour*. Just like you, I went to their site and read all the reviews and learned more about the product. Yes! even I did get excited about this product after reading all the great things it can do.

Keto OS Review
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Preservation
  • Fast & Sustained Energy
  • Reduced Brain Fog
  • Increased Focus
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Strength Gain
  • Better Mood
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Digestion

Ok, that is pretty damn impressive but we all know that those are the core benefits of being in ketosis. As well it’s just overall great for the mind and body – and on top of that this drink gets you in ketosis in 1 hour? But before I recommend or support a product to my clients – I needed to test this for myself.


I was VERY skeptical about “exogenous ketones” which are basically ketones that your body isn’t producing – but rather you’re consuming. I was also skeptical about how others are “measuring” ketosis in 1 hour – people mentioned to use KetoStix. Anyone that knows anything about measuring ketones knows that is a complete bull (excuse my language) way of measuring ketones. Too many outside factors effect those readings like: more water will give you a lighter reading vs less water will give you a darker reading due to the dilution/saturation of the water to ketone ratio. The only TRUE way of measuring ketones levels, is with a glucometer (blood meter) using ketone blood sticks.

Before we get into my test and review of KETO OS, check out this short video which will give you quick breakdown of ketosis explained, and how Keto OS works.

This video shows how ketosis happens. As well  the benefits of using Keto OS by Pruvit.

Ok, after watching the KETO OS video I know you’re asking yourself (like I did) “Yeah right – does it really do that?” I can say it does! This product actually has the ability to actually raise your ketones (beta hydroxybutyrate) levels – I couldn’t believe it. Interested? Get a Pruvit Discount Code here.

Ok here is my proof! That it does raise ketone levels.


  • Review Period: 11 days (dec 31 – Jan 11)
  • Device: Glucometer: Precision Xtra with Ketone Blood Strips
  • Product Reviewed: Pruvit Keto OS Product 
  • Dosage: 1 “ON THE GO” pack in 12-16oz. of cold water and shake/stir vigorously and drink.

OK, HERE WE GO  Remember my test was for 2 main reasons:

  1. Does this actually raise ketone levels in my blood. Remember I have been in ketosis for 4+ years so I had my doubts this product would actually increase ketones for me.
  2. How much do I need to take for it to work? So I can save some money.

Dec 31 2015 (setting baseline. No Keto OS taken yet)

Keto OS Review - Before and After Results of blood ketone reading
  1. Upon Waking up 7:21AM blood reading = 1.1 mmol/l = 19.8 mg/dl
    1. I know my normal range of ketones is always 1.0-1.6.  Just wanted it documented
  2. Took One Packet at 1pm.
    1. Within 1 hour I started feeling really good. Energetic and very alert. Like a feeling of well being, hard to explain. Had an excellent workout at home, I chalked it up to “maybe it was just psychological effects”. No Blood reading after.

Jan 1 2016

  • Upon Waking up 8:23AM blood reading = 1.6 mmol/l = 28.8 mg/d
    • IMPRESSED! IT’S ACTUALLY WORKING. But I have hit this number before – just not recently.
    • Remember I have not consumed Keto OS yet this morning, this is the effects still from the day before.
Keto OS Blood Ketones Review Reading
  • Took 1 OTG pack of Keto OS at 2pm
    • Felt amazing again. Really clear minded, sharp and full of energy. Lasted all day. Gym was open, had an amazing powerful workout. Ok now I know its KETO OS doing this.
  • 2:52pm blood reading = 5.2 mmol/l = 93.6 mg/dl
    • OH MY GOD! Ok, this was insane! I cannot recall when my ketones were this high – ever!
    • See video the above of the actual recorded reading. I couldn’t believe the reading. At this point I was sold already. I had so many doubts this wouldn’t work – and it did! 
After results of drinking Pruvit Keto OS - Blood ketones reading

Jan 2 2016

  • Upon Waking up 6AM blood reading = 2.4 mmol/l = 43.2 mg/dl WHOA! Still high ketones in my system from yesterday!
  • Took 1 OTG pack of Keto OS at Noon
    • Again, same results just amazing powerful feeling. Honestly it just made me feel younger (I am almost 40 yrs old by the way). I am so impressed by this product.


But, how long will it last in my blood? Is this a cost effective solution?
So from Jan 3-11 I took only 1 pack a day (not 2 as they recommend) and my blood reading (8+ hours later) upon waking averaged around 2.2 mmol/l = 39.6 mg/dl (I have never been this high consistently in the morning) . I wanted to do this test because if I am going to be taking this product I wanted to make sure of the amount right for me. Now I know 1 packet a day (which is 1 scoop from the KAN) is totally worth it!) But everyone is different, and most people do take 2 a day.


Even though weight loss was not part of this test. I did lose 4 lbs! If I can get these results, I can confidently say anyone new to this will have AMAZING results. 

Keto OS workout exercise results


I want to note, that YES this product is amazing, it works and I felt great and all that as mentioned before. But for the full benefit of this product you can’t be eating pizza and chocolate all day long.

I would recommend to be following a healthy low carb diet or proper ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat, moderate protein).

You want to ensure lower glucose levels while maintaining higher ketone levels – so your body is using the ketones not sugar or carbs for fuel. I obviously followed my keto diet plan while doing this test. An easy to follow keto diet plan coupled with this super charged ketone drink = AMAZING SUCCESS!

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My expertise with the Ketogenic Diet and Pruvit Products is based off my personal experiences as well as of my clients. I want to state, that I am not a medical doctor – But what I am is a Real Person, with Real Results who has helped and educated over 4800 people about the physical and health benefits of living a ketogenic / low carb lifestyle with the support of supplementation. Look for my new content coming about ketovore, intermittent fasting and carnivore as well!

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