PRUVIT Top Picks Drink Ketones Challenge Kit

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Pruvit TOP PICKS Drink Ketones Challenge Kit

Pruvit’s most popular flavors of KETO OS NAT, chosen by the Prüvit Community, make up our newest TOP PICKS Drink Ketone Challenge.

What’s Included in the Top Picks Drink Ketones Challenge

This new variety pack is available in both Charged and Caffeine Free, jam packed with FIVE flavors:

  • Keto OS NAT Sno Cone
  • Keto OS NAT Groovy Grape
  • Keto OS NAT Blackberry Pineapple
  • Keto OS NAT Watermelon Sweets
  • Keto OS NAT Hibiscus Lemonade

ON SALE FOR $97.50 USD! ($134.66 CAD)

Pruvit’s Pure Therapeutic Ketones are backed by 9 patents and are naturally fermented, making them the most bio-available exogenous ketone on the market.

This means you get the biggest ketone bang for your buck. So what are you waiting for?!

Variety of flavors of Keto OS NAT ketones - new
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