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Hi guys so I have been getting this question come up a lot lately so thought I would share my thoughts on this.

What is the Best Fat Source to Get into Ketosis and Keto Adapted the fasted! 

Most people think to keto adapt the best fat source is coconut oil because it’s a saturated fat. It is considered a saturated fat but actually the best fat to keto adapt is good old BACON!

Oh yes bacon (by the way here is a great way to cook bacon in the oven), but bacon from well fed pigs have the perfect ratios of mono saturated and poly unsaturated fats for your keto adaptation.

Why? because you want the three fatty acid profiles! You want more mono unsaturated fats than saturated fats and you want the poly unsaturated fats much lower.

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The main thing to think about is that a lot of these other fat sources don’t have all 3 of these incredible perfect fatty acids ratios as well as the minerals as well as the fats soluble vitamins, vitamin D, E, A, and K it’s very important to get keto adapted so it’s not just the ratios of your fatty acids but also the nutrients that go inside. 

What about Butter?

Butter is great as it’s made out of very similar molecules but are not made out of the same fatty acids from coconut oil, so can coconut oil be help you get keto adapted? Of course it can because it has luric acid, and yes its medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are small particle size fats that are able to bypass your gall bladder and give you quick energy. It’s great for people that have gall bladder issues, some of you even notice it with butter, or even get bloated discomfort when having red meat like bacon and beef, it’s really difficult to digest for some people. In this case I would supplement with a digestive enzyme to help.

Another important point a lot of people don’t talk about is that fats have a lot of vitamins in it and that’s why a good part of your keto adaptation should be animal fats. Coconut oil is missing a lot of these vitamins and minerals but it has luric acid so the reason why I suggest the coconut oil is actually that when your body is trying to keto adapt and it’s taking around two hours to digest (LCTs) long chain triglycerides (example butter).

Coconut oil is only a MCT and its going to take about twenty to thirty minutes to digest and get up to the brain to be used as a viable source of fuel which then allows the body to kind of stop this whole addiction to carbs, reduce carb cravings and wanting to produce glucose. But that’s why people like to use pure MCTs or coconut oil, it’s a sort of quick way to satisfy the brain because it can get into the bloodstream so quickly and where butter takes a couple of hours to get energy from, coconut oil (or MCTs) is going to get your body out of a stress state quicker – so you can start ketosis and burning your own fat.

Now you know that bacon has the best mono to saturated SFAs to poly fatty acids profiles, that’s why it’s the best and that’s why animal fats are primarily number one food choice on a keto diet. 

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bacon helps ketosis

You can keto adapt strictly on animal fat like duck fat, goose fat, beef talo and lard most fatty meats actually. 

Don’t do chicken breasts and tuna and shrimp to try and keto adapt (they are too low in fat), especially in the beginning. Coconut oil is very beneficial to satisfy the brain when trying to make ketones because your bodies under stress response, it has a tendency to go into making glucose which you know is going to spike your glucose and your brain is going to continue to want its carbs.

I usually try to recommend all newbies to keto or LCHF diets to start with some cardio in the first week of keto to really drive out glycogen (glucose) from your muscles because if your glycogen is low and your blood sugar is low then you are going to force the breakdown of fat into ketones and make them get up into the brain so that you can have tons of sustained energy.

Well I hope that help – so to summarize Bacon is one of the best fat source to help keto adapt and get into ketosis the fastest. Coconut oil and butter are excellent sources of fat as well, but they all have their role in your keto journey.

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