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Say hello to a NEW Pure Therapeutic Ketones®  Introducing KETO OS NAT® Fueled By Female, a new blend of exogenous ketones and vitamins, minerals, and extracts. With a refreshing blend of citrus, this formula was inspired by females but everyone can enjoy it!

8 Benefits of “Fueled by Female” Keto OS NAT

Pruvit made this version of Keto OS NAT specifically for females (but anyone can drink them). 

  • Vitamin C strengthens bones†
  • Vitamin D has positive effects on mitochondria and bone health†
  • Vitamin E promotes skin health†
  • Folate aids in red blood cell production†
  • Organic licorice root powder regulates hormones†
  • Bilberry extract is a powerful antioxidant†
  • Theobromine promotes feel-good-energy, positive feeling, and regulates hormones†
  • Unique formula specific for overall female health, wellness, and performance

Want to see why these ketones are different?

Hear from Dr. Lowery on this new fuel, and follow the button below to grab your box today.

fueled by female Keto OS Ketones explained

† These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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